Trail users, watch for ibuprofen hot dogs

POCATELLO — A local sheriff’s office and a humane society are asking the community to stay alert as there may be more drugged meat on the trails.

In February, hot dogs containing ibuprofen were found at Forest Service trailheads in the Pocatello area. Several dogs had consumed the meat at the time. As little as 100mg of ibuprofen can exceed toxic levels in a dog.

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According to the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, there have been no other reports of hot dogs laced with ibuprofen on area trails in recent weeks. However, similar cases have been reported in Jackson Hole, Boise and Montana.

“We can’t be sure the person or people leaving these hot dogs won’t do it again, so we encourage trail users not to let their guard down this spring,” said Sgt. Jon Everson of the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation is ongoing and the sheriff’s office is still accepting tips from the public.

“We are doing everything we can to find out who is responsible for these cruel acts, but we cannot be everywhere at all times. This is where we need the public’s help,” Everson said.

Investigators ask you to:

  • Be alert for suspicious activity near trailheads or along walking trails.
  • Never compromise your own safety, but if the situation permits, be a good witness; if possible, document the activity and include a detailed description of the person and the type of activity, including the make, color or license plate of any vehicles involved.
  • Report suspicious activity as soon as possible to the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, (208) 236-7111. Suspicious activity can be anything that regular trail users recognize as strange or out of the ordinary.

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Symptoms of ibuprofen toxicity in a dog can include lack of food, vomiting, black, tarry stools, abdominal pain, weakness, lethargy, increased thirst and increased urination, according to the Bannock. Humane Society.

“We at the Bannock Humane Society are always concerned when we hear of issues and problems with animals in our home community,” said Danie Lewis-Ekstrom, president of the Bannock Humane Society. “The recent, unresolved issue of someone (or some people) leaving hot dogs containing ibuprofen along hiking/biking trails in the local wilderness has us concerned.”

The Bannock Humane Society has the following safety tips for dog owners:

  • Be alert and pay close attention to your surroundings. Watch for anything that seems out of the ordinary. This includes other people acting strangely, other animals, and objects (such as toys, food, anything that might be attractive to a dog) that are out of place and out of place .
  • Manage your dog’s control with a leash, whether short or long. Make sure the collar or harness is snug.
  • Manage your dog’s control by perfecting two key commands: remember and “leave it.” Both could save lives in case your dog finds something dangerous.
  • Have your dog’s veterinarian in your phone contacts in case you need to reach them immediately.

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