TikToker finds an explanation for why it can’t open its eyes wider

At one time or another, many Asian Americans — usually those of East Asian descent — have experienced some form of racism targeting the shape of their eyes. But for TikToker Brian Xu, his inability to widen his eyes isn’t just a stereotypical racist assumption, as he revealed on the platform that there could be an underlying medical condition to explain it.

In a virality video posted earlier this month, Xu explained that he couldn’t widen his eyes without raising his eyebrows to raise his eyelids.

“I received a DM that said ‘You might have a condition called ptosis,'” Xu said, adding that this unidentified person also sent a “rabbit chart” as a reference.

The drawing of the rabbit shows an outstretched hand covering its forehead, and Xu went on to explain how it made him suspect a possible underlying condition: “If you place your hand on your forehead, can you open your eyes wider without bend your forehead? ”

After demonstrating that he was actually not able to widen his eyes with his hand placed on his forehead, Xu exclaimed, “The racist people who have made fun of my Asian eyes all my life does not notice a medical condition!

With many expressing doubts towards Xu in the comments, he followed in another video it showed how another person of Asian descent was able to widen their eyes without using their forehead muscles.

Later, a black creator expressed how happy he was that Xu’s video brought attention to the condition, as people were mistaking his case of ptosis for lazy eye growing up.

Xu, a data scientist for LinkedIn, rose to prominence on the platform with more than a million followers for his deadpan delivery in satirical videos.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, ptosis is a condition that causes the upper eyelid above the eye to droop. While people can be born with the condition due to problems with the muscle meant to lift the eyelid, ptosis can also develop in adulthood if the muscle were to stretch or separate from the eyelid. Further evaluation by a medical professional would be required to determine an appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Featured image via @bri_xu

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