Three lives transformed through the healing power of tissue donation, plus 27 tissue donors who have helped heal thousands of lives to be part of the Donate Life 2022, “Courage to Hope” Rose Parade float


Honoree’s Stories Highlight the Life-Changing Power of Cornea, Skin, Bone, and Musculoskeletal Tissue Transplants, and the Saving Power of Organ Donation

LOS ANGELES, December 23, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Three men and women whose lives were saved and healed thanks to the generosity of others through the donation of cornea and tissue will be among the 54 participants in the Donate Life Rose Parade® on January 1, 2022 in Pasadena.

The 2022 Donate Life, “Courage to Hope” float is the centerpiece of a national effort to reach large audiences with the important message that organ, eye and tissue donation saves and heals lives. The three tissue recipients, as well as 27 floral portraits or floragraphies of cornea and tissue donors, represent the healing and transformative power of tissue donation.

Thanks to tissue donors, millions of people are healed each year and thousands of lives are saved. Tissue from a single donor can touch the lives of more than 75 people. Some of the tissues that can be donated include heart valves and skin grafts for burn survivors. Other tissues that are crucial in helping to heal and restore mobility include bone, ligament, and nerve allografts, among others.

Donate Life 2022 float tissue recipients include the following float riders:

Kim McMahon, a 63-year-old flight attendant whose involvement in organ, eye and tissue donation began when her 16-year-old son William suddenly needed a transplant. liver in 2004. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2005. Kim started a non-profit association. William Memorial Foundation to champion the cause of organ, eye, tissue and blood donation. In 2021, at the age of 63, Kim underwent eight-hour spinal fusion surgery, receiving donor bone to repair and strengthen her spine.

Chris Brown, a 36-year-old tissue recipient from Georgia. In March 2019, Chris’s right arm was traumatically amputated. A few months later, Chris began to suffer from chronic pain. Chris was referred to a neurosurgeon who explained that injured nerves from the amputation were the cause of the pain and recommended surgical repair of the nerves. During the procedure, Chris’s nerves were rebuilt by connecting them to nerves in his shoulder muscle. There were large gaps that had to be filled with donated tissue. Thanks to a gracious gift from a donor, Chris is back at work, back on the baseball field with his four children and living pain free.

Aliza Marlin, a 52-year-old New Yorker whose float participation is sponsored by CryoLife. Aliza’s journey with congenital heart disease and tissue donation began when she was diagnosed with aortic stenosis. She had her first open heart surgery at the age of 8, her second at 18 and her third at 27. In 2015, Aliza experienced overwhelming exhaustion. An emergency visit to his cardiologist confirmed endocarditis, an infection of the heart that required pulmonary valve replacement. Aliza received a heart valve from a young woman in New York City and is grateful to her family who, in the midst of their grief, chose life.

The Donate Life Rose Parade float, produced by OneLegacy, is made possible by more than 40 sponsors. The 2022 float will honor 54 participants, including 19 riders and walkers who are either living donors or recipients of organs and tissues.

The 2022 Donate Life float, “Courage to Hope”, features the majestic Winged Lion of Venice in Piazza San Marco or St. Mark’s Square in Italy, in the midst of the Venetian Gothic architecture of the Doge’s Palace or the Palazzo Ducale and quintessential Venetian gondolas and canals. As the world’s most visible campaign to inspire organ, eye and tissue donation, the Donate Life Rose Parade is calling on viewers to help more than one million people in need of organ transplants, eyes or tissues each year. Register today to become an organ, eye or tissue donor by visiting

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