The woman’s reaction to her boyfriend proposing to her can leave you feeling emotional. Watch | Tendency

The video showing a man proposing to a woman was posted on Reddit.

The various videos on the internet showing people proposing to their partners and asking them to get married are always healthy to watch. There are also times when the reactions of the people featured in these videos leave people emotional. Just like this clip posted on Reddit that captures a woman’s reaction to being proposed.

“Last night I said yes to spending eternity with my partner of 5 years. That was my real reaction,” a Reddit user wrote while sharing the video. While responding to her own post, she said: also added a few more lines appreciating her fiancé.

“Thank you for all your congratulations, I appreciate you all! We spent 5 blessed years together and I couldn’t have imagined this day going better. The reason I was backing off was because I was shocked that he could afford to propose so soon after having eye surgery, which is also why he has the eye patch. I love him with all my heart and I’m grateful to say he feels the same. Thanks again,” she wrote.

We won’t spoil the fun by revealing what the video shows, so check out the video:

The video was posted a day ago. Since its release, the clip has racked up over 17,000 upvotes and the numbers are only growing. Sharing also prompted people to post different types of comments.

“It’s beautiful, why are you running away from it?” The man could barely catch you to drop a knee,” one Reddit user wrote. To which, the original poster replied, “I was completely in shock that this was really happening so I couldn’t help but walk away lol. Thank you for your comment. Another person expressed, “Awww! It’s a realistic reaction, how cute. CONGRATULATIONS!” A third commented, “That makes me so happy! Congratulations!”

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