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We finish spring training strong. We understood a lot going into our last article and most fantasy drafts are in the books, so that brings us to a need to look ahead. In this final Spring Training article, I’ll cover a few situations and focus on players who may become eligible mid-season. A reminder of what to watch out for in queues:

Alignment place (movers/general place in orders)


Position battles (who earns more PT/who produces better)

Marginal roster guys who could be bench/utility type (deeper leagues)

New positions played by players

Please note that Opp. Quality is a metric used by Baseball-Reference to measure the quality level of the opponent a player is facing. You will see it referenced throughout the article. Here’s how the scoring system works, if you’re unfamiliar:




5 – A high

4 – Full season A

1.5 to 3 – Rookie or short season

1 – The opposing batter is a pitcher

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I want to quickly thank you before I start: I just want to thank you all for the warm welcome this spring. It’s been amazing and I can’t express enough how much the kind words and support mean.

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