The 9 best mattresses for back and neck pain of 2021


The best mattresses for neck and back pain support your body and keep your spine in a neutral position.

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There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep. But pain in your back or neck can make it harder to drift off to dreamland – and stay there seven to nine hours each night, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While upgrading your mattress won’t solve the root cause of your pain, it can provide you with the support you need to feel more comfortable in bed, so you can better close your eyes.

The key word here is “support,” says Marleen Caldwell, PT, physiotherapist at the Cleveland Clinic. “When we lie down, our body feels better if the joints can be supported in their neutral positions,” she told “It means supporting the natural curves of the spine. If the spine is out of its neutral position for an extended period of time, such as sleeping on a mattress that is too firm or too soft, it can create pain even in healthy tissue. . “

Sleep expert Michael J. Breus, PhD, aka The Sleep Doctor, says you should look for “a mattress that supports your body without sagging at the hips, helps relieve pressure points including the knees , hips, shoulders and head and let your muscles relax throughout the body, especially in the back. “

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up nine of the best mattresses to try when you have neck and back pain.

The best mattresses for back and neck pain

  • Best overall:The Winkbed ($ 849 – $ 1,899, WinkBeds)
  • Best on a Budget:Nectar Memory Foam Mattress ($ 499 to $ 1,199, NectarSleep)
  • Best madness:TEMPUR-Adapt mattress ($ 1,699 to $ 3,398, TempurPedic)
  • Ideal for side sleepers:Avocado Green Mattress ($ 999 to $ 1,899, AvocadoGreenMattress)
  • Ideal for back sleepers:Saatva Classic Mattress ($ 887 – $ 1,974, Saatva)
  • Best pillow top:Nolah Evolution 15 ($ 1,099 to $ 1,699, NolahMattress)
  • Better foam:Leesa Original Mattress ($ 679 – $ 1,104, Leesa)
  • Better cooling:Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid Mattress ($ 739 – $ 1,299, CocoonBySealy)
  • Best from a box:Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress ($ 1,355.75 to $ 2,630.75, Casper)

1. Best overall: the Winkbed

Image Credit: Winkbed / Creative

The WinkBed sits at the top of the “best mattresses” list, and for good reason. Not only does it offer support and breathability, but it also has a unique mattress topper that combines foam and micro-springs, which support your body and protect the mattress from sagging.

You can choose from three levels of firmness (soft, luxury firm, firm), and there is a Plus option designed specifically for people with a heavier weight. The latter is designed to provide maximum back support and durability.

Bonus: This mattress comes with a 120-night guarantee, giving you plenty of time to determine if it’s right for you. Caldwell notes that this is an advantage over the mattresses you try on once in a store.

“Trying the mattress in store is good, but it’s limited,” Caldwell says. “You only have a limited time and the store mattress may be different from the one they deliver to you. “

2. Best on a Budget: Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Image Credit: Nectar / Creative

Nectar earns points not only for its affordability, but also for its generous return policy – you can keep any of its mattresses for a full year.

Made with adaptive memory foam, it’s designed to help neutralize the spine and promote alignment, which Caldwell and Breus say is key to relieving sleep-induced pain.

3. Better madness: TEMPUR-Adapt mattress

Image Credit: Tempur-Pedic / Creative

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are the height of luxury and the Adapt line is no exception. Its mattress technology is “precisely engineered to adapt and respond to your weight, shape and temperature as you sleep” and is made from pressure-relieving materials.

It also has motion control technology, perfect for those who sleep with another person in bed.

4. Ideal for side sleepers: avocado green mattress

Image Credit: Lawyer / Creative

Breus and Caldwell both refer to prolonged sleep on your side as a potential cause of neck and back pain. The avocado green mattress, which also happens to be made with organic materials, can help alleviate these issues.

Made with over 1000 springs and five different ergonomic zones, this mattress encourages alignment even when the body is turned to the side.

5. Ideal for back sleepers: the classic Saatva mattress

Image Credit: Saatva / Creative

Back sleepers are a step ahead of us to sleep already in the ideal position, experts say. But you can still experience back pain even if you sleep “well”.

The Saatva mattress combines support and comfort, and it’s available in a range of options, from plush to firmer – the perfect feel for back sleepers.

Buy it:;Price:$ 887– $ 1.974

6. Best cushion: Nolah Evolution 15

Image Credit: Nolah / Creative

Memory foam seems to have a monopoly on the mattress industry, but a solid mattress topper is still the solution for many people who suffer from sleep-induced back and neck pain.

The top of the Nolah Evolution 15 provides cooling as well as support, as well as a pillow top that gives it a “luxury hotel” feel. Candyandsupport? Yes please.

7. Best foam: Leesa Original mattress

Image Credit: Leesa / Creative

The Leesa Original mattress is all-foam and economical, costing less than $ 1,000 for many sizes. Customers love its many layers of foam that stack together to create a truly enjoyable sleep experience.

It is also designed to fit any type of sleeper and offers a 120 night trial period.

Buy;Price:$ 679 to $ 1,104

8. Better cooling: Sealy Chill Cocoon Hybrid Mattress

Image Credit: Sealy / Creative

The Sealy Chill Hybrid Mattress looks cool – and it lives up to its name, thanks to a cooling cover and multiple layers of cooling foam underneath.

It’s held in place by a steel perimeter, perfect for cocooning you into a better night’s sleep. And because it’s made of memory foam, it also adapts to your body no matter which position you sleep in.

9. Best of a Box: Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Image Credit: Casper / Creative

Casper invented the mattress in a box game, then turned it around again and again with other innovations.

Take its Wave Hybrid mattress, for example. Created with strategically placed gel capsules that focus on lower back pain, it promises better alignment and a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Buy it:;Price: $ 1,355.75 to $ 2,630.75

What to look for in a mattress when you have back or neck pain

Keep these things in mind when shopping for a new mattress:

Whichever mattress you choose, buying one is an investment. While it is never a bad idea to have a new supportive mattress, it is important to rule out other causes of back or neck pain before going on a mattress and hope that it resolves. all your pain issues.

Lying on a mattress for a few minutes in a store doesn’t give you the same vision as being able to sleep on it for an extended period, Caldwell says. Look for a mattress with a trial period of at least 90 days, so you can get your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

Firm vs. soft is a matter of preference. Regardless of what you like the most, what matters most is the support of the mattress and how it promotes a neutral spine.

If you’re wondering if it’s time for a new mattress, Caldwell says you should first determine how long you’ve been using your current mattress.

“The lifespan of a mattress can be up to 20 years, but your body’s needs may change sooner than that, so be aware that you might need a different support in 10 years,” she says. . “A mattress topper is nice the first year, but it tends to lose its support and comfort much sooner than the mattress.”

What to know before buying a new mattress

Buying a new mattress is an investment, and Caldwell says she recommends a few things before getting started:

  • Rotate or flip your current mattress.
  • Try sleeping in a different bed in the house to see if the pain has improved.
  • Avoid lying on your stomach if your neck hurts.
  • If your neck hurts, try swapping your pillow: use a single pillow under your neck and head that supports the natural curves of your neck.
  • For people who sleep on their side with back pain, avoid curling up in a fetal position and place a pillow between the knees.

You can also try to relieve the pain by:

  • Stretching (try these neck stretches and back stretches)
  • Get a regular massage
  • Do regular, gentle exercises during the day, such as walking and yoga

Why back and neck pain interferes with sleep

Even if you’re between the sheets for the recommended amount of time, pain affects the quality of your sleep.

“Pain receptors don’t sleep,” Caldwell explains. “If your body is in an awkward position for too long, these pain receptors send a signal to your brain to move. Sometimes that signal is so ‘strong’ that it can wake you up. Or sometimes it does. rolling around in bed causes pain and may wake you up. “

Investing in a supportive mattress can help, but you also need to be proactive about the health of your back and neck during the day.


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