The 13 Best Insomnia Products of 2022 – All Backed by Science

Prioritizing sleep is one of the healthiest things we can do, because everything from heart health to brain function can benefit from a good night’s rest.

While there’s no magic number for how much sleep we all need, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends adults get at least seven hours of sleep each day. The quality of your sleep is also key, and you’ll want to spend about 20% of your nap in deep REM sleep where most dreams occur, memories are consolidated, and the brain recharges.

It sounds doable enough, but hectic schedules, stressful routines and other facets of modern life mean that about a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis and 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems. according to the CDC. .

If you too suffer from occasional insomnia and have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep, the first step is to clean up your nighttime routine: make sure you stick to a regular sleep schedule, keep your bedroom cool and dark , avoid screens before going to bed and avoid heavy foods at night. While the best sleep tips tend to be free, there are also plenty of tools that can help you improve your sleep naturally, without having to take drugs that cause dizziness and fogginess.

While they don’t necessarily treat chronic insomnia (you should see a sleep specialist if the problem is getting in the way of your life), these products are all backed by science to promote eye closure. On your marks, set, repeat.

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