Tanzania: Latest technology helps detect eye complications

Tanzania has been praised for using ophthalmic technology to cure eye disorders and diseases.

According to renowned eye specialist Dr. Babar Qureshi, Tanzania has the latest and most user-friendly technology to detect eye-related complications.

Responding to reporters’ questions here yesterday, CBM’s international director for inclusive eye health said the country had adopted ‘Peek technology’ to diagnose eye-related complications, making it one of the few countries in the world to Africa to do so.

The innovation, which uses smartphones, is currently being implemented in Hai and Mwanga districts of the Kilimanjaro region, according to Dr Qureshi, who is also vice-president of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. (IAPB).

“This is the latest screening tool used in children and adults and we are delighted to see such technology in the treatment of ocular complications”, observed the expert.

Dr Qureshi insisted that early detection was key to preventing visual loss in children and adults, noting that Peek Technology was working wonders in both districts.

“Early detection must be emphasized everywhere if we are to reduce the world’s population to blindness by 80%,” he said.

Dr Qureshi has identified glaucoma as a serious threat to eye health, warning it could lead to irreversible blindness if not detected early.

For her part, CBM Country Director, Nesia Mahenge, said the international Christian development organization will continue to offer specialized eye care in different parts of the country.

Ms. Mahenge, who was also speaking on the sidelines of the virtual CBM technical leadership conference, acknowledged the government’s support for the organization’s services in the country.

“We will continue to provide services through outreach services such as performing surgeries in communities,” she assured.

The National Director of CBM singled out the construction of a state-of-the-art eye center at Bugando Hospital in Mwanza as a good step to address eye-related complications.

She revealed that the facility is 95% complete, with CBM also offering such services at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC).

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