Swelling around the eyes, legs? could be chronic kidney disease: Docs | Lucknow News

Lucknow: Swelling around the eyes and legs, anemia and occasional headaches and vomiting may be warning signs of chronic kidney disease (CKD), experts at a program have said. awareness at King George’s Medical University (KGMU) on the eve of World Kidney Day on Wednesday.
The program was hosted by the Department of Nephrology in which faculty members from the Department of Urology and Nephrology educated students and patients about the causes and symptoms of chronic kidney disease.
The official head of the nephrology department, Prof Vishvajeet Singh, said: “Chronic kidney disease is difficult to detect in its early stages due to its veiled symptoms. Nearly 60% of patients reach the terminal stage of the disease. At that point, dialysis or organ transplant is the only option left.
Therefore, if anyone has witnessed swelling of limbs (especially eyes and legs), low hemoglobin, occasional headaches and vomiting, they should consult a nephrologist, especially if he has high blood pressure or diabetes.
“If a patient is diagnosed at an early stage, they can be managed with medication,” Prof Singh said.
Nephrologist Dr Lakhya Kumar said, “The number of chronic kidney diseases is increasing over the years as one in three individuals in India suffer from hypertension. Of these, more than 60% do not know that they have it. And others who know, only 50% end up taking their medication. Therefore, due to continuous high blood pressure, tiny blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged.
However, people could avoid chronic kidney disease by following a healthy diet, managing stress and exercising regularly, Dr. Kumar added.
Chief Medical Superintendent, Prof. SN Shankhwar advised that low hemoglobin or severe anemia could be due to the kidneys not producing enough erythropoietin hormone.

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