Summer eye care: Protect your eyes from strong heat waves

Burning of the cornea, dry eyes, tired eyes, pain and allergies are some of the common ophthalmological problems in the summer season. When people think of sunburn, the main focus is on the skin, but very few are aware that excessive sunburn and harmful UV rays can also lead to corneal burns, a condition where one has blurred vision, dryness and gritty feeling in the skin. eye. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to adhere to an eye care regimen during summers as the tear film in our eyes evaporates due to direct exposure to sunlight and excessive heat.

Here are some essential eye care tips to follow religiously for healthy eyes:

Wear sunglasses when you go out

As sunscreens are essential for the skin, so are sunglasses. When stepping out in the height of summer, opt for oversized shades as they will provide extra protection for your eyes. The shades protect the eyes from corneal burns caused by harmful UV rays. Some of the main symptoms of corneal burn are dryness, discomfort, and tearing.

Stay hydrated

Yes, the intake of a good volume of fluids is imperative for better eye health. Since in the summer, the tear film in our eyes often evaporates, so drinking more water can help your body produce a healthy volume of tears. But one should refrain from having alcohol and caffeine as it leads to dehydration.

Keep your eyes lubricated with eye drops

Sometimes staying hydrated just isn’t enough. This is when eye drops should be kept on hand (after consulting an eye doctor) as summer sets the stage for dryness and irritation of the eyes, which often ends in eye pain or swelling. To say goodbye to this condition, it is recommended to use prescription eye drops. It will lubricate the eyes and eliminate pain and dryness.

Be careful when applying sunscreen to your face

Summer means applying lots of sunscreen to the face to block sun damage. But you have to be careful applying it near and around your eyes and eyelid area. Sunscreens, which are high in SPF, usually cause discomfort to the eyes if they accidentally get inside. Although it does not cause permanent eye damage, it can cause chemical burns to the surface of the eyes. It can be a bit embarrassing and painful for a few days.

Avoid midday sun

Restrict your movements in the sun during the last hours of the morning or afternoon, if it is not so essential. This is the time when the sun is shining and the UV rays are at their strongest. Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is essential for optimal eye health and maintaining your vision.

Always wear eye protection when doing outdoor activities

In addition to protecting the eyes from UV rays, eye protection should be worn when involved in outdoor activities such as swimming, mowing the garden or doing outdoor woodworking. Be sure to wear protections such as goggles, goggles, helmets or visors, or face shields to protect your eyes and face from potential damage.

In order to avoid summer eye problems, one must take a proactive approach to eye care. Do not forget to consult your ophthalmologist at regular intervals.

Contributions from Dr. Jimmy Mittal MS ophthalmology, Mittal Eye Care Center

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