STRYPER frontman MICHAEL SWEET forced to cancel solo Christmas show due to surgery for protruding retina


Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has checked in with the following update:

“I just saw the ophthalmologist and I have a retinal detachment. I will need emergency surgery (vitrectomy) on my right eye. A lot of time has passed (a long story and many details) so I may or may not have normal vision I think I will and of course I welcome any prayers I can receive.

My left eye (good eye) has an old retinal tear and will require a laser (at the office) to be repaired. It is also sensitive to retinal detachment.

I will be down for the account for 2 weeks (lying face down so the bubble they place in my eye can stay in place) and I guess that will be the hardest part of it all.

The doctor says it’s hereditary.

The Christmas show is canceled but tickets will be honored next year as we have rescheduled the show for 12/10/2022. My sincere apologies because it breaks my heart to cancel a show or event. I love you all and deeply appreciate all concerns, thoughts and prayers. “

Stryper recently made the following announcement:

“We’ve made our two special recorded concert videos, recorded live at SpiritHouse, which you can now watch as often as you like with a purchase of each stream. So far, we’ve released Even The Devil Believes and To Hell With The Diable, and soon the soldiers under command are heading to our Veeps page and buy one or both to get those lifetime views. “

Stryper recently launched an official website for their upcoming official documentary with the following message:

“Have you signed up yet? This is the official Stryper documentary. Directed by the people who were there including fan stories and all of your favorite songs. Sign up to receive the newsletter to stay up to date on how that you can be a part of. “

The website includes a page where fans can share their band-related stories with Stryper. Go to for updates and to participate.


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