Resident shouts at apartment association harassment

A 50-year-old software engineer claims he and his family members were harassed by members of their apartment association in Doddanekundi on Old Airport Road near Marathahalli.

Banuprakash Naiduresident of Bharathi Towers Apartmentalleges that although there are only 24 units and owners in their small apartment, there has been a five-member association group making arbitrary decisions and not being transparent with their accounts for the amount of l maintenance they collect from residents, including tenants.

Banuprakash bought a two-bedroom apartment at Bharathi Towers Apartment for Rs 40 lakh in 2011.

He alleged that all these years, even after paying the maintenance fees diligently, the members of the association would have lingered with his request to produce the breakdown of the maintenance money spent.

Naidu stopped paying the monthly maintenance of Rs 2,500 since December 2019 and for two years he continued to request the transparent accounts from the association


In January 2022, he and his family traveled to Andhra Pradesh when the members of the association sent a notice to his house stating that he had to pay child support.

“I came back on January 9 when my wife and I tested positive for covid and had to be quarantined at home until January 1,” Naidu told BM.

On February 1, members of the association closed the valve, cutting off the water connection to her apartment.

Prakash approached the HAL police and filed a complaint that the essential service was being blocked by the association which was making arbitrary decisions.

However, when members of the association were summoned to the police station, they told the cops that all residents except Naidu were paying maintenance fees.

In total, Naidu had to pay Rs 60,200 which were arrears of alimony to be paid to the association.

Although Naidu explained that he was short of money as his mother had recently undergone eye surgery, the police counseled him and asked him to pay the money for the water connection to be restored.

When Naidu refused, the cops asked the members of the association to take the case to civil court.

Naidu also alleged that the members of the association also locked the common terrace because the water connection valve is installed there.

Naidu then arranged the money and paid the dues to restore his water connection.

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