Renowned Eye Surgeon of the City, Dr Dubeygets Lifetime Award | Kanpur News

Kanpur: The University Institute of Health Sciences and Prayatna presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr Awadh Dubey in the Physician Congratulation category at a reception held in the University’s conference hall on Saturday CSJM.
The main functions set for the evening were discussions, doctor’s congratulations, talent honor and a cultural program. Under the doctor’s congratulations, Dr Awadh Dubey, renowned eye surgeon and city social figure, was honored by Professor Vinay Kumar Pathak, Vice-Chancellor of CSJM University and Professors Sanjay Kala and Umesh Paliwal in him handing over a shawl and a letter of appreciation. Dr Umesh Paliwal was congratulated with “Utkrashta Sewa Samman” by Professor Sanjay Kala.
According to the Director of Health Sciences, Dr Praveen Katiyar, Divya Moghe, Chandan Kumar, Deepannita Awasthi, Piyush Kanha, Khushi Gupta, Om Prakash Yadav and Manika Pandey were honored in the congratulatory talent category while Abdul Shakir Ansari was congratulated with the all-round performance award.
Presiding over the function, Prof. Vinay Pathak the new year could pose new challenges. Everyone must be prepared to face and fight new diseases.
The main guest, Professor Sanjay Kala, said in his remarks that students should learn the musculature of the turtle and the strength of the rabbit. As the hour ahead is the time of artificial intelligence, students should think about giving something to society, he said.
Dr Vandana Pathak, who was the special guest, advised to follow the ancient Ayurvedic system in life to stay healthy and fit.
After a colorful cultural evening, Dr SP Singh of the Prayatna organization, proposed the vote of thanks.

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