Parents of local girl with rare retinal disease host fundraising event


SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – Kim and Mike Hoffman’s 16-year-old daughter Olivia has struggled with retinal disease since she was four years old.

She is one of 300 children to fight her disease in the United States

About 10 years ago, they got involved with the Curing For Retinal Blindness Foundation.

Their goal is to raise funds, catalyze research, and support families battling these diseases.

The Hoffmans started Eyes for Olivia, which helps raise funds for the foundation. They do it because they want to help others, like their daughter, get the help they need.

“We didn’t know anything, we didn’t know how bad her vision loss was going to be, is she going to go blind?” When is this going to happen? What are we doing? We didn’t know how to prepare. I mean we were just completely lost, ”said Kim Hoffman, foundation treasurer.

“It was kind of new to the ophthalmic community, so they really don’t have a history, a history, of what’s going on from age to age, on the road and all that; so it’s new to them, it’s new to us, so the information is very difficult to find, ”said Mike Hoffman.

This Sunday in Salem, they will hold a historic walk featuring ghost stories and folklore to raise money for the foundation.

There will be a self-guided tour of Hope Cemetery at 6 p.m. and ghost stories, folklore and music will be told at the Waterworth Memorial Park kiosk in Salem starting at 7 p.m.

There is no charge for the event, but they do ask for donations.

You can pre-register by following the link on their Facebook page, put the registration is not necessary.


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