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I don’t get sick often, but when I do, it hits me like a truck. And in the past month, I’ve been glued to my bed for several days: not once, but twice, due to relentless body aches and tension headaches (you know, the usual cold symptoms). My favorite treatment is to throw off some ibuprofen and lay in bed with Netflix. But this time, I got unexpected relief, thanks to Ostrichpillow’s new Hot and Cold Eye Mask ($39).

Launched earlier in May, the mask helps relieve muscle tension and stress with heat therapy. It works both as a warm compress or as a cooling pack to help treat different conditions including eye strain, facial tension, inflammation, and even the painful sting of a migraine. Simply place it over your eyes and the mask applies gentle pressure to soothe and de-stress your body.

Not only are the hot/cold temperature variations amazing, but the mask is designed to look almost like a weighted blanket for your eyes. It’s made with a natural clay bead core that applies pleasant pressure, and the snug fit ensures that all light is completely blocked out. I was able to put it on my eyes and forehead without it slipping or adjusting its position, so most of the time I just fell asleep with the mask on (and woke up feeling refreshed).

And unlike standard ice packs which basically give me a full body freeze after 30 seconds, I was able to leave the Ostrichpillow mask on my face for hours (and it stayed cold for almost an hour). The cotton fabric and foam material acts as a buffer to soften the super icy cold of the freezer, so you can feel the cool relief without being chilled to the bone. When I wanted to apply heat to my face, I just microwaved the mask and put it on. Honestly, pretty cool.

Cold therapy has been used for decades as a solution to help treat tension headaches and migraines. Indeed, a 2013 study found that applying a frozen neck wrap in the early stages of a migraine helped significantly reduce discomfort. Essentially, cold compresses are thought to help constrict blood vessels and lessen pain, at least temporarily. Many also prefer heat to combat tension headaches and migraines, so it’s up to you to decide what your body needs. The good thing about this mask is that it offers both.

I used the mask throughout a week, sometimes for pain relief and other times to help relax. Within about 30 minutes I was able to feel the effects of the cooling sensation to melt the tension and reduce the pain a few notches. It took about an hour for the mask to reach maximum coolness and maintain its temperature. FYI, it stays pretty cool for about 25-45 minutes before needing another round in the freezer (at least it did for me, it also depends on the temperature inside your home).

Plus, you don’t have to worry about water dripping or condensation. The fabric does a good job of soaking up any mess. And to top it off, it even comes with a stuff sack for safe storage and extra insulation.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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