Ophthalmic company Implandata recognized among top 12 healthcare innovators at Medica, World Forum for Medicine

HANOVER, Germany, October 18, 2021 / News wire B3C / – Implandata ophthalmic products, a digital eye care company with offices in Germany and San Diego, Calif., was selected as a Top 12 Health Techpreneur at Health Innovation World Cup To Medication, the largest medical fair in the world. Out of more than 300 competitors, Implandata has been recognized as a leading innovator in healthcare and has been invited to present its revolutionary EYEMATE solution on November 15, 2021 at Medica Forum on Connected Health Care.

Property of Implandata EYEMATE system is the only clinically validated CE marked product in the world for remote glaucoma care. The breakthrough device designation from the US FDA was achieved earlier in 2021. The system allows patients to self-measure critical disease parameters and then automatically send the collected information in real time to their patients. ophthalmologists. This information allows ophthalmologists to obtain timely information on the effectiveness of treatment and to remotely adjust treatment based on the patient’s current condition rather than making treatment adjustments based solely on evidence. infrequent visits to the office.

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About glaucoma – the leading cause of irreversible, debilitating vision loss worldwide
Glaucoma is a chronic age-related eye disease, where high pressure in the eye causes irreversible damage to the optic nerve, leading to progressive loss of vision and potentially blindness. The current practice of seeing patients for 2 to 4 office visits per year is insufficient to prevent vision loss in many patients, as the condition of the disease and the effectiveness of hypotensive therapy between visits to the office are insufficient. cabinet are not known. Despite a plethora of treatment options, ineffective therapies and disease progression lead to preventable sight loss in a significant number of patients.

About EYEMATE â„¢ system
EYEMATE is the first CE marked and clinically validated system of its kind for the continuous and remote monitoring and management of glaucoma patients. Implandata’s proprietary biosensors and cloud-based AI system alert patients and their ophthalmologist to uncontrolled glaucoma real time, activation timely adjustment of treatment to prevent vision loss.

On Implandata ophthalmic products
Implandata, based in Germany and the United States, is a digital health company dedicated to improving the lives of millions of patients with glaucoma. Breakthroughs in biosensors, telemetry and data analysis led to the EYEMATE system. The CE marked EYEMATE system is used in the main ophthalmic centers in Europe. Huge untapped market opportunities in North America and China will be approached in the very near future.


Implandata ophthalmic products
Max Ostermeier, CEO
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