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  • Open new doors in the mysterious Winchester home with an estate-wide event this Halloween!

Open new doors in the mysterious Winchester home with an estate-wide event this Halloween!

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The following Bloody Disgusting x Dark Star Pictures the collaboration unleashes a bloody neo-Giallo in the space most coveted by moviegoers; the cinema room. In a deliciously macabre meta-twist, The last morning (Al Morir The Morning) slices its way to Digital HD and VOD platforms on 24 august (

In The last morning, the audience attending the last screening of a horror film in a small downtown cinema is terrified by a murderer who begins to shoot them down, one by one. The only person to notice that something strange is happening is the projectionist’s daughter.

Written and directed by Maxi Contenti (Muñeco viviente V, Neptune), movie stars Luciana Grasso (El Secreto de Julia), Ricardo islas (El Que No Corre Vuela, Bailiwick), Juliette Spinelli, Franco Duran and Pedro Duarte.

The skillfully shot neo-Giallo pays homage to the subgenre, both in cinematic references and in bloodshed. Those who enjoy their bloody horror will find something to revel in here. The killer finds creative ways to unleash the carnage. But for those who suffer from ommetaphobia or a significant aversion to eye trauma, beware: The last morning brings pain.

Here are eight of the most memorable eye trauma moments in horror to help you prepare.


It seems fitting to start with a Giallo with such a memorable eye-torture moment that it’s been included on the cover art. that of Dario Argento Opera features a disturbing scene in which Betty (Cristina Marsillach) is tied up and gagged as she is forced to witness the murder of her boyfriend. The killer assures us that she observes by sticking needles on her lower eyelids; if she blinks, it’s over for her vision. Argento captures this intense moment with a flawless gaze.


Asami Yamazaki (Eihi Shiina) takes surgical measures to ensure that her lover Shigeharu Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi) will never leave her in Takashi Miike’s memorable horror film. After slowly ramping up, she unleashes her pent-up fury by injecting him with a paralytic and then squirming needles in the tender space before her eyes with a cheerful “Kiri Kiri Kiri!” It’s terrifying.

Sharp burn

In this horror trick on Superman, the overpowered child targets a waitress for expressing her displeasure at the harm he has caused her child. He waits for her to be alone in the restaurant where she works, causing electrical surges. When the waitress looks up to inspect a fluorescent overhead light, it shatters. Director David Yarovesky gives a close-up of the shard stuck in the waitress’s eye, followed by shaking hands slowly pulling it out. What makes it scarier is the slurping and crushing sound that accompanies this moment.

Final destination 5

The Final destination The series put on an awe-inspiring spectacle, rooting out a palpable tension of elaborate deaths, often rooted in the most mundane of tasks. In other words, it’s not just the suspense that makes this series memorable, but the way it builds on reality-based fears. Concrete example ; this petrifying death exploits the anxieties about laser eye surgery. Here, a device opens the patient’s eyes wide, leaving her vulnerable to a mad laser.

Saw II

The “Venus fly trap” in Saw II causes sympathy pains. A man wakes up to find his head tied in a death trap. His right eye was bloody and swollen from a key surgically implanted behind him – the very key to his freedom. The man must use a scalpel to cut the key and free himself before time runs out or the trap closes on his head. The ticking adds intensity, but the close-ups of the blade on the cornea increase the stress. Of all the tests administered by Jigsaw’s Killer, cutting your eye off to save yourself ranks among the scariest.

Black Christmas (2006)

Billy has a fixation on eyeballs in this blood-filled remake. When it comes to eye trauma, there are a number of disgusting moments of horror that you can take your pick of. He begins by aiming at his sister Agnes, viciously claiming her eye. Later, he even goes so far as to drag a victim through empty eye sockets after gouging out his eyes. And they are hardly the only two suffering from severe eye trauma.

An Andalusian dog

Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali’s 1928 film is only sixteen minutes long, but it is full of surreal imagery. The most gruesome scene sees a man sticking a straight razor into a woman’s eyes as she stares straight ahead. The camera changes to an image of the moon, then to a close-up of an opening eye. It’s horrible, no doubt more knowing that Buñuel used a calf’s eye to achieve the effect. Almost a century later, this eye laceration sticks to your skin.


Lucio Fulci’s horror films could dominate this list. Pick one of these, and there’s a good chance they’ll have a sudden moment of eye evisceration. The beyond, The New York Ripper, Demonia, and more. But these are the unforgettable images of Zombie of a woman battling a much stronger foe, the undead, as he pulls his head towards a large shard of wood that makes the cut here. It’s a slow impalement of the eye, and her look of helpless fear as she is forced to watch her own death is brutal.

Find out what eye horrors await you when The last morning published on HD and VOD digital platforms August 24.

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