Odisha: Children complain of eye problems, headaches | Bhubaneswar News


BHUBANEWAR: Since face-to-face classes for everyone at Odisha schools have not yet resumed, children as young as five to six years old began to complain of headaches and eye problems due to the screen time and lack of physical activity during the pandemic.
“My seven year old son complains of having a headache every night. At first I thought he was faking, but later I realized he was really sick. I took him to the doctor who told me it was due to going long hours before the screen. He advised resting your eyes and limiting screen time to one to two hours a day. But with limited screen time, my son will miss a lot of the lessons because all of them are online, ”said a worried Shipra Mohanty.
Mohanty said her son, Aditya, a Grade 2 student, started his day with a two-hour online class at 7 a.m. His activity classes continue from 11 a.m. to noon. He then attends afternoon online art / chess / music lessons for two hours, followed by a virtual lesson. During breaks, he plays for over an hour on mobile and watches television.
Doctors said many children have started complaining of headaches, neck pain, loss of appetite, dizziness and vomiting amid the pandemic. Four in ten children suffer from different types of headaches. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of social interactions, excessive screen time, and junk food are some of the most common reasons for headaches in young people. “They need adequate sleep, a healthy diet, proper dehydration, exercise and relaxation,” said Dr SS Mohapatra, senior pediatrician.
According to the World Health Organization, for children under five, screen time should not exceed one hour. Children aged 5 to 10 should spend one to an hour and a half per day in front of a screen, while it should last up to two hours per day for those aged 11 to 13.
Sometimes the pressure on the eyes, leading to myopia, causes headaches, doctors said. “Excessive use of digital devices is the root cause of the digital computer syndrome. Many adolescents and children are diagnosed with it. Parents should see an ophthalmologist as soon as their child complains of headaches, neck pain or eye pain, ”said Dr Rita Das, eye specialist at AMRI hospitals.


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