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The increasing demand for this type of lending has led us to pay more attention and to devote an article on fast non-purpose loans . So, non-purpose credit as the word itself says has no specific purpose or purpose, you can claim it for all types of goods, services and financing. Non-purpose fast loans are the simplest and best solution when you need cash in hand. They allow you to satisfy all your wishes and needs in the short term, and provide you with exactly as much as you need and when you need it.

Do you want to pay off old debts, minus current account, school expenses, overhead, etc.? Maybe you want to grab new furniture, go for a driver’s and exam, or just do something that makes you happy? With a non-purpose loan, you can afford what you have been wanting for a long time and have not been able to afford. The funds you request through a non-purpose loan are paid into your personal checking account.

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Non-purpose loans provide for raising a certain amount of cash (up to the default maximum amount offered by the Bank) according to the desired repayment plan (observing the Bank’s pre-determined deadlines). Non-purpose loans differ in many ways from other types of lending such as: home loan, mortgage loan, motor vehicle loan, education expense loan, retirement loan, etc.

The biggest difference is in the speed and ease of the process we have already mentioned. . All of these items affect the speed of obtaining a loan, and thus, non-purpose loans are manifested as a quick and easy solution for the beneficiary, not as a slow and demanding process of what is considered to be a loan.

Good Finance Bank quick non-purpose loans

The types of non-purpose loans offered by Good Finance Bank are called quick loans. A quick loan will help you get cash into your personal checking account in as little as a few minutes. Are you creditworthy to others? It doesn’t have to mean you are for Good Finance, either. We give more, read on to the conditions required to take out a loan and you can start applying today.

Minimum documentation at Good Finance

Minimum documentation at Good Finance

The realization of the loan has never been easier and faster. Good Finance Bank offers fast cash loans for any purpose, to meet customer needs. The money arrives at the checking account of the customer who has requested a quick loan. What is important is that the client’s account is not blocked or protected. The client must be employed or retired in order to receive a quick loan at Good Finance Bank.

The documentation required when applying for a loan is: an ID card, a current account card, a signed Loan Agreement and proof of a Guaranteed Settlement. Without additional checks, quick credit can be yours. It only takes a few steps to apply for a loan, it only takes 5 minutes to apply. This makes us different from others because our motto is fast, safe and easy. Documents can be submitted by e-mail, fax or by uploading the form at the end of the loan application. All the above documentation must be provided on both sides (ID card, current account card).

Disbursement and repayment times for quick non-performing loans?

Disbursement and repayment times for quick non-performing loans?

Good Finance Bank offers flexible and fast loans, which can be obtained within 15 minutes of the documentation submitted and signed.

You choose the repayment period of the loan solely at your own convenience, regardless of the loan amount, with the minimum repayment period being 90 days and the maximum period 365 days. You can raise your loan at a minimum effective annual interest rate (EIR) of 5.25% to a maximum effective interest rate of 9.26%.