New World gamers blow up Amazon for uncorrected exploits ruining PVP

The New World community is not happy with the state of PVP in the Amazon Games MMO and has criticized the developer for dealing with several “groundbreaking” bugs that are ruining the player-versus-player experience.

Amazon Games’ highly anticipated MMO New World has dominated online discourse since its release – and for good reason.

With staggering numbers less than a month after release (like an all-time high of nearly a million concurrent players, thanks to Steam Charts), it’s no wonder popular content creators like Michael ‘shroud ‘Grzesiek plan to broadcast the game for a long time to come.

Despite its huge success, the MMO has been the subject of much criticism, with the state of PVP in particular being criticized on several occasions. Now gamers have criticized Amazon Games for a lack of attention to several bugs that literally ruin the game’s PVP experience.

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The state of the New World PVP is under siege again.

The latest controversy surrounding New World’s PVP arose after a player shared his experience with several ‘groundbreaking’ exploits his clan discovered during an incredible 21-0 winning streak against other factions on their own. server.

In his Reddit post, the player reported issues with the game’s Resilient perk incorrectly functioning (granting up to a massive 22.5% damage reduction), other buggy perks, and imbalances between Expected damage resistance provided by different types of armor.

These findings quickly spread on social media as New World content creators caught wind of the Reddit thread. Famous Facebook Gaming streamer Cory ‘Gothalion’ Michael reshared the post, apparently in disbelief at the player’s findings.

Other prominent streamers were quick to share their own criticisms of the state of PVP in New World.

Benjamin ‘DrLupo’ Lupo replied “I feel even less bad about taking some free time from the game,” to which Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, YouTube Gaming streamer, agreed: “It’s of pain and suffering. [Amazon needs] be so much more proactive.

As news of these issues began to circulate almost a month after its release, several players shared their own experiences with these bugs dating back to the game’s closed beta.

“These are bugs [we] reported closed [beta]One player revealed. Another lambasted Amazon Games for the lack of fixes for these issues: “This shit gets old really fast. Amazon has dropped the ball.. things are going sour.”

It remains to be seen how, or when, Amazon plans to address these concerns, but gamers are certainly angry with New World’s various PVP exploits and imbalances that have yet to be addressed by the developer.

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