New eye clinic at Masanga hospital in northern Sierra Leone



We are very proud of our Masanga Hospital Eye Clinic (MECC). Sierra Leone’s Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr Austin H. Demby (third from right in photo) marked the official opening of the Masanga Eye Clinic.

In the last two months since its opening on August 14, 2021, the eye clinic at Masanga hospital has treated more and more patients, nearly two hundred patients! For years, eye disease patients in Tonkolili district in northern Sierra Leone and neighboring villages had to travel far into the capital for eye care. Now they can go to Masanga Hospital Eye Clinic to get reliable and affordable eye treatments.

The Masanga Hospital Rehabilitation Project (MHRP), Friends of the African Dream (FAD) and Lions Clubs International have joined forces in a unique collaboration to create the Masanga Hospital Eye Care Clinic. Dr Pieter Slager, a very experienced ophthalmologist from the Netherlands leads the clinic team.

Built within Masanga Hospital, Masanga Hospital Eye Clinic provides ongoing support to the hospital to provide eye care to those most in need, eye tests and glasses to the public. Masanga Eye Clinic will also help the hospital provide outreach clinics to the most isolated communities so that no one is left behind.


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