Mfon Ekpa Foundation performs eye surgery on 300 displaced people in FCT – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

The Mfon Ekpa Foundation (MEF) in collaboration with Pro-Health International launched a medical awareness program aimed at performing 300 surgical treatments for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the village of Wasa, in the territory of the federal capital (FCT) Abuja.

Pro-Health International lead consultant Dr Iko Ibanga explained that the outreach program was in honor of Mfon Ekpa, the late son of Dr Anthonia Ekpa, Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Special Functions and Intergovernmental Affairs , adding that the program was also a celebration of the life of the late Mfon Ekpa.

“It’s a celebration of the life of a young man who had so much potential, which made an impact on what we do for health. He helped us design a lot of things. So, being his first birthday in Heaven, we thought we should celebrate it in a way that we reach out to people and bring them to life.

“Those who need surgery, we take them to three hospitals in the city. So that’s a third of what’s going on. The goal is that in this week we will do 300 surgeries, ranging from eye surgeries, general surgeries, genocological surgeries and dental surgeries, ”he said.

Giving an overview of the program, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Special Functions and Intergovernmental Affairs Ms Anthonia Akpabio Ekpa said her son left for heaven about two months ago and the awareness was marked to celebrate his birthday. “I personally know that he had great thoughts for today and one of those thoughts was to give back to God through the poor and needy.

“Today is his first birthday in Heaven, and we want to continue to remember that day while he’s here on earth, and do whatever we think he would have been happy to do. , this is just the first start for us, Mfon Ekpa Foundation (MEF), we want to continue this and we are lucky to have a family in Pro-Santé that Mfon has been so involved in. So Pro-Health International is a channel through which we reach out and I am happy ”.

In addition, the camp president Geoffrey Bitrus praised the foundation, said medicine, food and clothing are completely free.

Wasa IDP camp secretary John Samela said a total of 5,128 people are currently living in the camp with many urgent needs including medicine, clothing and food. Therefore, the awareness brought immense happiness to the camp.

“We are happy because it has been a long time since we had such visitors. We are grateful because the doctors came when most of our children were not feeling well. You can see them testing and treating our people for various diseases, ”he said.

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