Medical and humanitarian student Mohamed Zeyara and his team raise funds to rebuild and support Gaza

CHICAGO, July 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Medical student Mohamed Zeyara is a personality inspiring millions of people and touching lives in places around the world. Its humanitarian activities have helped build schools, provide shelter, improve health facilities and deliver food to those in desperate need.

Recently, the city of Gaza faced major havoc. According to reports, the incident resulted in the deaths of more than 240 people, including 66 children. Families are torn apart, buildings are razed, people are left homeless and critical infrastructure is completely damaged, making life difficult.

With the help of several non-profit organizations, Mohamed Zeyara started fundraising and humanitarian projects to help reduce the pain and heartache of those injured, left homeless and completely devastated by the attacks on the city of Gaza. The project is in three phases, and the hope is to reach as many as possible, helping them to recover from their pain and anxiety.

The first phase of the project is to provide medical aid, psychological support and food to people. Doctors and health workers will take care of the sick and injured, providing them with medical help, drugs and other clinical supports so that they can begin the healing process. For all those at risk of mental health problems, the project will provide them with psychological support by well-trained and experienced professionals. Food will be provided for everyone, including men, women and children. The attacks affected people in Gaza so much that they have little or no access to food.

The days of bombardment on Gaza left many houses and houses in partial or total ruin. At the moment, things are still a little difficult to assess. Once the situation on the ground has calmed down, the Gaza The project will launch the second phase, which will consist of rebuilding the houses that were damaged. The idea is to help families resettle and reunite so that they can resume normal life. Some of the buildings that will be restored are businesses or commercial structures. Businesses operating in the city will resume their services to bring life back gradually Gaza.

Many communities have been affected by the destruction and demolition of Gaza city. The ancient city is still very busy with activities, engagements and lifestyles that involve the citizens. The team will also revitalize economic and social structures and help people who have become refugees in neighboring localities to start returning home. They will also support reconciliation to build friendship, support and engagement among citizens. Such activities will help to encourage more people to participate in the social, economic and political activities of the city for the growth and development of the society.

Separated from Gaza city ​​project, Mohamed Zeyara helps raise funds to support different causes and community support efforts around the world. For example, they provide food and water to the inhabitants of Mali, emergency relief and food baskets in Ethiopia, support for small businesses for farmers Chad, and free eye surgery at Pakistan to help children and adults regain sight.

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About Mohamed Zeyara
Mohamed Zeyara is a medical student and humanitarian who has helped raise millions of dollars to support underserved communities around the world. He aspires to become a physician in internal medicine with a strong interest in psychiatry and mental health.

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