LVPEI and CognitiveCare collaborate for the early detection of eye diseases in children

Posted: Date Posted – 18:01, Thu – Nov 3, 22

Hyderabad: City based LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) on Thursday announced a partnership with CognitiveCare to jointly pursue efforts to detect early eye diseases and adverse eye conditions in infants and children.

The partnership will combine LVPEI’s clinical expertise with Cognitive Care’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform, to explore the possibility of early detection of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) and myopia.

“Our collaboration will help accelerate the early diagnosis of ROP and myopia in young children and infants. We hope this partnership will pave the way for AI, deep learning and advanced computer science to address several other critical eye diseases,” said Dr. Prashant Garg, Executive Chairman of LVPEI, in a press release. .

Sheena Gill, President and CEO, Americas for CognitiveCare, said the collaboration will help healthcare players understand the propensity for eye conditions early enough to prevent adverse effects, including blindness in infants and myopia in the children.

Dr Suresh Attili, co-founder of CognitiveCare, said: “Our models will provide explainable AI functionality to help caregivers understand the ‘why’ behind each eye health score. We can now prevent some adverse eye health effects through early detection and intervention.”

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