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NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Just two days before World Diabetes Day, the Bahamas Kidney Association (BKA) Student Peer Educator Movement held its first slogan and poster contest and a fun walk to raise awareness about kidney health in Bahamas.

Noting that diabetes and hypertension are the two leading causes of kidney disease, Bahamas Kidney Association President Tamika Roberts stressed the importance of working with and through young people to reduce cases of kidney failure in Bahamas.

“We need to involve students in these kinds of initiatives for the future health of our nation. Educating these students on the importance of diet, exercise and proper water intake can definitely have a positive impact on The Bahamas,” Roberts said.

“I believe that once this generation starts making these changes, then we as the people of the Bahamas will start to see over time, a decline in kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes. These things affect the population of the Bahamas and affect the black community as a whole.

Some 70 students participated in the slogan and poster contest and represented a myriad of schools, including Doris Johnson Senior High, LW Young Junior High, Windsor School, Bahamas Academy, Queen’s College, Temple Christian School, CR Walker Senior High, St. John’s College, Aquinas College and St. Andrew’s Anglican School.

A total of 41 slogans and 12 posters were submitted.

Before the winners were announced, students and BKA supporters took part in a fun walk from Arawak Cay to Rawson Square and back. The group displayed signs and chanted slogans along the way to help raise awareness while distributing information leaflets and leaflets to drivers and pedestrians along the way.

Arjun Shetty, president of the student volunteer branch of the Bahamas Kidney Association, said much of the planning went into preparations for the event. He also stressed the importance of student involvement.

“Now we know how to prevent it so that when we get older, we’re not the ones who get sick,” Shetty said.

“We want to bring down the statistics not only on chronic kidney disease, but also on things like diabetes, hypertension and other diseases in our country.”

The winners were announced on Saturday, November 12 at Arawak Cay.

The winning tagline was “water and greens will keep your kidneys clean”, presented by LW Young’s Derenicka Devine. Kaiwana Richardson, also from the school, came in second with “be good and exercise…let your kidneys stay alive!”

Gregory Stubbs of Queen’s College won third place with the accolade “kidney health is rich”.

Dashon Smith of the Bahamas Academy placed first in the secondary school division for the poster competition, while Aryan Shetty of Queen’s College won the primary division.

The Bahamas Kidney Association was registered in 2021 as a non-profit organization. The Peer Educator Student Movement was created in September 2022.

For more information about the BKA, to attend or volunteer at upcoming events, or to donate,

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