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The dream of many people is to get rich and conquer so dreamed financial independence. However, a good part tries the luck in the game because they believe the games of chance are the only way out to reach this objective.

The end of the year is approaching and, with it, the Christmas and New Year festivities. It’s time to travel, buy gifts, tidy the house to welcome the family, set up the Christmas tree, make special dishes for.

Ways to save with air conditioning in any season

Ways to save with air conditioning in any season

Due to the financial crisis, the Portuguese can not stop talking about saving, since saving is not just about buying products that are on sale, but about not spending. With the temperatures.

40% off on Frosted Count if you share the Savings Tip!

On October 31st, World Savings Day will be celebrated, an event that, of course, we celebrate at Count Frosted. We have a 40% discount for you in exchange for a savings tip! See below how.

Financial Habits of Successful People

Financial Habits of Successful People

Successful people do it by bringing together a set of commendable personality characteristics, learning, and work ethic. Among their learning are good financial habits. Find out a few below and what you can do to replicate them in …

More mistakes made by the Portuguese in the management of the family budget

Family Budgeting How to Save Money Tips Personal Finance Partners

The current economic situation despite having already caused several people to resent their lifestyle, apparently has not yet had enough impact to learn how to stabilize the budget of their household.

How to manage vacation pay money paid in twelfths?


Probably started receiving half of the 13th and 14th month in twelfths, receiving the remaining half at the respective time (holidays and Christmas). Now the question that arises is: what is the best way to.

When summer arrives, there is nothing like enjoying the numerous cultural events that come up at this time of year. So that you can do it without spending money, we share with you some free events.

Are you planning to take the driving license and still do not know how much it will cost? Are you aware of all the expenses ahead? We share with you some advice that will help you save lots of money.