How technology is changing the safety eyewear market

When you think of eye protection, many think of uncomfortable eyewear that blurs vision, fogs up, falls off your nose, and requires constant readjustment.

For those who need or choose to wear safety glasses, new technology is helping to solve these problems and move the safety eyewear industry forward faster than ever.

Advances in lens technology, coupled with lighter frames, have allowed the industry to move more towards category-specific offerings with a wide range of features, such as anti-fog and anti-fog. anti-scratch, designed to improve optical clarity and comfort.

Safety eyewear should primarily protect against hazards inherent in the task at hand, such as chemical, mechanical, radiological or other hazards, identified by the mandatory markings on all ANSI Z87+ safety eyewear.

However, more than the lens itself, many major brands have taken a new approach to developing safety eyewear for each market segment. One of the biggest changes is that there is now a greater emphasis on comfort elements and category-specific features suited to different skilled trades.

Ideally, the user should forget that he is wearing safety glasses.

“If the glasses don’t fit comfortably or impair vision in any way, people just don’t wear them when they’re supposed to,” said Brian Barry, vice president of sales at Bollé Safety. .

For this reason, Bollé Safety has developed a first and unique permanent anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, called PLATINUM. Applied on both sides of the lenses, it is coated with hydrophilic properties on which a homogeneous and colorless film of water is created. This film, thanks to its water-repellent action, delivers effective and permanent anti-fog properties — the only truly anti-fog product on the market.

For those who work outdoors, anti-fog and anti-scratch technology is one way the industry is bringing improvements to the safety eyewear market. Improved filtering technology is another area where the eye protection industry is seeing dramatic improvements.

Along with anti-fog and anti-scratch, optical clarity is another area where users are seeing breakthrough technologies entering the market. At Bollé Safety, the company is tackling improved optical clarity with a new lens innovation called CSP, or Comfort. Meaning. Perception.

CSP offers advantages over other lenses and improves visual comfort by optimizing contrast and improving color perception. Available in 14 different lens tints in a wide range of goggles and goggles, CSP ensures workers have optimal visual coverage in almost any work environment. Thus, the precision and productivity of wearers are maximized while their perception of their environment is refined, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

If you must, or even prefer, wearing safety glasses and haven’t watched how the industry has evolved over the past few years, take another look. You may be surprised at how useful, comfortable and functional your safety glasses can be.

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