Holiday Advance Shopping: 11 Gadgets For Tech Lovers


Because it’s never too early to prepare for the holidays, we’ve put together a list of useful electronics and trendy new gadgets that will make great gifts.

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As any early bird shopper knows, the closer to the holiday season, the harder it will be to get certain things. While most consumers seem to prefer shopping online rather than in-store, shopping for new equipment on the web presents its own challenges. From extended wait times to websites that go down and items that sell out in minutes, shopping online can be risky, which is why it pays to stay ahead of the game.

Whether you’re a tech lover looking for the coolest new gadgets to buy before they’re gone, or you’re just starting your Christmas shopping early, the list below will get you started. Read on for the gadgets expected to hit the market this fall (and winter), as well as more familiar electronics that you probably wanted to buy. To find more recommendations, check out our list of the best tech deals.

Ring Always Home Indoor Flying Camera

If you pride yourself on buying tech gear that turns heads, then you might be interested in the Ring Always Home Indoor Flying Camera. This one-of-a-kind flying security camera mounts along a custom path (which you create) to give you a bird’s-eye view of everything going on in your home or office (in 1440 × 1440 HD video) . In order to pre-order the camera, you will need to request an invitation from Amazon via the purchase button above.

Halo View activity tracker

Wearable technology is extremely popular. The Halo View Fitness Tracker wants to be your new favorite fitness device and a potential Fit Bit competitor. Halo View is equipped with Halo key health metrics such as heart rate, activity points, sleep patterns, and on-demand blood oxygen levels, all accessible through the Halo View color touchscreen. The Halo View is available in Active Black (pictured), Sage Green, and Lavender Dream. It’s unclear when the item will debut, but you can click the buy button to request an email from Amazon for further updates. Your purchase will include a free one-year Halo membership.

Muse Headband S

Health and fitness should be a daily priority throughout the year, and it’s good that we are seeing more and more ways to keep your body and mind on track. The Muse Headband uses advanced EEG technology to do everything from tracking your sleep, breathing and heart rate to providing real-time feedback and teaching the art of meditation.

Flashing video doorbell

One of the benefits of technology is the ability to do just about anything remotely. The Blink Video doorbell allows you to answer your door from your smartphone (daytime HD 1080p with infrared night video and two-way audio). This slim little gadget works with Alexa and requires two AA lithium batteries. The Blink Video Doorbell is available for pre-order ahead of its October 21 release.

Oculus Quest 2 Advance All-in-One Virtual Reality Headset

The Oculus Quest 2 is a great way to enter the world of virtual reality. IndieWire VR expert Eric Kohn rated Oculus Quest 2 as one of the most exciting and user-friendly VR headsets because it allows users to attach it to their own PC – which the previous model did not. not – and it offers more access to games. For more options, check out the best VR headsets.

Potensic T25 Drone with 2K Camera for Adults

Drones can be used virtually any time of the year, as long as the weather permits. If you are new to the world of drones, the Potensic T25 drone is safe for beginners and pros alike. The device is equipped with a 2K camera with 120 degree field of view and 75 degree adjustable wide angle to help capture photos clearly and provide more stable videos. It records in 1080p, uses an advanced 9-axis gyroscope, and is also portable enough to travel (you can also connect it to a headset for a full VR experience). The Potensic T25 is wind resistant and flies steadily and performs exceptionally well, according to several customer reviews. The above set includes Potensic T25 drone, aluminum carrying case, transmitter, two 3.7V 1000mAh batteries, battery charger, screwdriver, two additional landing gears, four blades additional propeller and four additional protections.

LG XBOOM 360 portable bluetooth speaker

Looking for a new speaker? LG XBOOM360 omnidirectional portable speaker is designed for use with computers and other devices. It features a sleek lantern design with a total output power of 120W, a 1 “titanium compressed horn tweeter, a 5.25” fiberglass woofer and a built-in battery (10 hours of playback). Read our list of the best Bluetooth speakers for additional options.

VOBAGA coffee cup warmer

There is nothing quite like relaxing with a good cup of coffee. The VOBAGA coffee heater will keep your coffee, milk, tea or hot chocolate at a perfect drinking temperature. It has three settings above 104 degrees, and you can control the temperature with the touch of a finger. The smart mug automatically turns off after four hours of continuous use and is available in multiple colors including green, pink, and black and white.

Smart growth bar

It’s easy to get lost in the heap of indoor gardening supplies, so it’s best to start small. The smart grow bar provides full spectrum light with a natural white glow, allowing you to grow your plants, flowers, herbs and more in any location in your home. The compact grow bar comes with hardware so you can mount it under a shelf or cabinet and save even more space. To automate this device, use the manual on / off switch or log into the Modern Sprout smart app.

White light therapy glasses enriched with Luminette blue

Over the seasons, your sleep pattern can be disrupted by the weather and even daylight saving time. The Luminette Blue-Enriched White Light is a wearable light therapy visor that helps fight SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and sleep disorders. Wearing these glasses for 20 minutes will help relieve insomnia, drowsiness, physical and mental fatigue. The Light Receiver is designed to send signals to your body to stop producing the sleep hormone melatonin and make you feel more awake when you want to. Glasses are recommended for ages 12 and up and are not suitable for people with macular degeneration, cataracts and other eye diseases.

Amazon Astro

The future is here. Introducing the Amazon Astro: A home robot that will keep an eye on your home and stay on to set reminders, organize your shopping lists, provide entertainment, transmit calls, messages, alerts, and more. It even comes with a removable cup holder to carry your drink. The Astro is approximately 17 ″ tall and weighs 20 pounds; it uses cutting edge technology to find its way around the house, and you can program where it is allowed to go via the Astro app. When you’re not using the Astro, a button turns off the microphone, camera, and mobility. Astro looks like “The Jetsons” (their dog was called Astro!) Pre-order the Amazon Astro via the link above.

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