Help Julie Hunt review!

Hello, my name is Julie.

I need your help to fund eye surgery so I can SEE again!

Over the past year I have noticed some blurring and sensitivity to bright lights. I postponed going to the optometrist because of shingles and Covid.

This fall, I was in the process of getting my Class B CDL license to become a Polk County School Bus Driver. After passing the written portion of my tests, I failed the vision test for my right eye.

So I made an appointment with Dr. Kevin Dorsett at the Lakeland Eye Clinic. I was diagnosed in both eyes with astigmatism, near and far vision and cataracts. I have a mature cataract covering my right eye and I can’t see anything with it. It’s only a matter of time before my left eye is completely covered and the vision is gone!

Dr. Dorsett presented me with three options.

Due to my astigmatism, near and distance vision, Dr. Dorset recommended precise cataract removal and lens replacement for both eyes at a cost of $3500 per eye. Although my family’s insurance covers some of the lessor’s surgeries, (details below), it does not cover this advanced treatment which treats both cataracts and astigmatism and would result in vision without the aid of future glasses (surcharge).

My quality of life would be so much improved by these surgeries. If anyone can help, that would be so appreciated.

I’m so excited to get my Class B CDL license to be able to drive a Polk County school bus. Our county school district desperately needs bus drivers. I have been assured that a position will be available once I pass my eye exam and test.

To have complete sight and to be a productive human being means the world to me. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and “thank you” for your help and encouragement! I can assure you that I will pay the next.

The funds will pay for recommended laser surgery ($3,500 per eye, $7,000 total), medications, and any medical necessities that may arise from the surgery. Any additional funds will be used for medical costs incurred to date and in the future.

Details of the surgery option:

1) Traditional hand cataract surgery. It wouldn’t fix my astigmatism or my near and far vision. After the deductible (currently around $700), co-pay (10% of the total cost) and coinsurance, our insurance would cover the remaining costs. New glasses would be needed and the last two pairs of glasses cost almost $500.00 for each pair.

2) Laser assisted surgery with incisions to treat low astigmatism, softening and laser cataract removal with precision. Glasses still needed for intermediate and near vision. Our insurance does not cover. The cost is $1,500 to $2,500 per eye. Also, I would need new glasses.

3) Top quality intraocular lenses (these lenses replace the lens in my eye) Excellent vision for most distances without glasses! Precision laser cataract softening. Advanced metrics and custom planning remediation. Our insurance does not cover. $3,500 per eye. No need for glasses. Astigmatism corrected.)

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