Glam Adult Content Creator Reveals What She Looked Like Before Plastic Surgery

An Instagram model known for her plastic surgery procedures has revealed what she looked like before doing anything.

Maddison Fox is an OnlyFans content creator from Sussex who underwent her first cosmetic procedure at the age of 21.

So far she has had three breast surgeries, veneers, Botox and fillers and she still wants a nose job, a Brazilian butt lift, fox eye surgery and buttock surgery. eyelids.

The 29-year-old spoke exclusively to Daily Star about how spending thousands of pounds on surgery has made her happier than ever.

“I like plastic surgery because it gives people a choice. If they have the funds and want to modify or change something, now you can do it,” she said.

“I am not a proponent of surgery, I am a proponent of self-confidence, developing one’s own sense of self and understanding others and life.

Maddison Fox has had three boob jobs so far, veneers, Botox and fillers

“Body confidence is important, but mental stability is everything.”

Maddison also shared her advice for those considering plastic surgery, recommending that you think about it “very, very carefully.”

The model explained, “Think about why you are doing it. If it’s up to others to accept you, don’t. If it’s because you hate yourself, try therapy first, learn to love yourself first, and gain confidence.

“Surgery should never be the first and only option. This should be avoided whenever possible and always do your research!

This photo was taken before she had plastic surgery
This photo was taken before she had plastic surgery

She still wants to get her nose done, Brazilian butt lift, fox eye surgery and eyelid surgery
She still wants to get her nose done, Brazilian butt lift, fox eye surgery and eyelid surgery

Maddison previously told us that her end goal was to look more “perfect, Instagrammable and doll-like.”

She started doing cosmetic surgery after being inspired by boys’ magazines.

“I started doing cosmetic surgery because I remember seeing boys magazines and Page 3 back in the day and I always loved how glamorous the girls were,” she said. declared.

“I always wanted to look like them, and potentially become a glamorous model.”

She said she was not a fan of plastic surgery
She said she was not a fan of plastic surgery

Maddison’s parents do not approve of the work she has done.

Her own mother went so far as to call her “grotesque” and “caricature” and her family decided to turn their backs on her after her latest operation.

“My family … doesn’t support me in my change in any way, so I feel like the black sheep of the family,” she explained.

“They don’t want me to change at all and are very upset about it and don’t understand why I want to change.”

The 29-year-old tries not to let it get her down as she is happy with the decisions she makes.

Maddison's parents don't approve of the work she's done
Maddison’s parents don’t approve of the work she’s done

Its goal is to appear more
Her goal is to look more “perfect, Instagrammable and doll-like”

“I really know when to stop doing cosmetic surgery, I’m not addicted, it’s a conscious decision to decide to have surgery and what and where,” she shared.

“It’s a huge decision not to be taken lightly. I do what makes me happy, but it’s not the end of the world.

“If someone told me that I could never have an operation again, that would be fine with me.

“It’s just a form of expression, much like tattoos. This is body modification at its extreme.

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