GAA announces Hawk-Eye will be removed from service if issues arise in the future

The GAA announced that Hawk-Eye would be suspended if further issues arose with the scoring system in the future.

A problem with Hawk-Eye arose at Croke Park last Saturday, when a perfectly valid point from Galway in their All-Ireland SFC semi-final against Derry was rated “Níl” by the scoring decision system.

A statement released today read: ‘The GAA can confirm that a full issues report relating to issues with the score detection technology used at Croke Park last weekend has been received from Hawk-Eye.

“A combination of unrelated issues, including minor hardware failures, led to an erroneous conclusion for a score towards the end of the first half of the inaugural GAA Football Semi-Final, which was quickly questioned by officials at the match who then made the decision to award the score.

“Full end-to-end testing of the system will take place this week, after which a final decision will be made on whether to deploy the system for Sunday’s GAA Hurling Final.

“Hawk-Eye has also confirmed that there are no historical issues with the system and that the issues encountered only relate to last Saturday and specifically Hill 16’s end goal for this specific point in time.”

Tellingly, the association added: “The GAA should undertake a full review of its own protocols regarding when and how the system should be removed should similar challenges arise in the future.”

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