From the Editor’s Desk – Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch

By Deb Moldaschel Editor

[email protected]

Yes, we have a new phone number, and I’m not quite sure I can explain why, other than to say that it means a much shorter and easier to understand voicemail message when you call. Our new number is 507-216-8333. It is answered by a short message which gives the possibility of choosing immediately among the following contacts: Subscriptions, Advertising Sales, Editorial News (that’s me), Legal Publications, Obituaries and Advertising Billing.

The option you choose directly calls the person who can help you. Although it is sometimes necessary to leave a message, the callback should be much more efficient than it was with our previous system.

We are also in the process of reopening our office, but it will be for a limited number of hours due to our small staff. I will be in the office on Mondays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The office will also be open on Thursdays, at the same times, starting next week.

We’ll see how it goes and figure out if it’s the best option. We look forward to helping customers and subscribers in person with this calendar again.

Congratulations to all winter sports athletes and especially the Knights men’s basketball team who earned the opportunity to play in the Class A State Tournament. I know they weren’t not happy with the result, but I’m sure they played hard and certainly made our community proud. One day they will be able to look back and remember pleasure, not pain.

Now, if the weather picks up, the kids can enjoy their spring sports. I wish a lot of success to all our teams!

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