Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson recovers from fall and surgery


Less than a week after suffering a fall and then undergoing surgery, Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson is on the mend. Now he sits down with WINK News reporter Peter Fleischer to discuss his journey to recovery.

Mayor Anderson was forced to spend a week away from his office in downtown Fort Myers, but he is already planning to return to his old routine. But, according to Mayor Anderson, he never stopped working.

“The mayor doesn’t have to get back to work because he never stopped working except for when he had surgery,” Anderson said.

Mayor Kevin Anderson assures everyone he’s been productive from a chair in his living room with his legs elevated as the doctor ordered. After having a bad fall in a grocery store in Fort Myers.

Anderson says his accident happened in the blink of an eye. “Oh, a split second. I’m just walking down an aisle, and all of a sudden I see my foot fly off and I’m collapsing,” Anderson said.

After breaking his femur, Anderson now has two rods in his leg to help with healing.

And while there’s never a good time for an elected official to take time off, Anderson said his March was already busy enough. “My schedule was pretty busy this month. Both professionally and personally,” Anderson said.

On that busy list are the town’s wife’s water shortage, recent police department layoffs, and other behind-the-scenes matters that still need to be addressed.

“It’s disappointing, it’s frustrating, it’s difficult. I could go on and on,” Anderson said.

Anderson says he was out of surgery on Saturday night, just hours after his fall. Since then, he has been doing physiotherapy on hold and following a strict recovery plan outlined by doctors.

But, Anderson tries to stay informed in his spare time, ultimately making his return much easier. “I try to balance it. Lots of phone calls, lots of emails and texts and working on the laptop,” Anderson said.

Medical professionals have told Anderson that his active lifestyle should help him heal. “It’s getting easier and easier to get up and move around,” Anderson said. Anderson has called Fort Myers home since the late 1970s.

He says he’s really had the support of the city since his fall. “It’s been humbling and rewarding at the same time,” Anderson said. “I’m still active, on the road to recovery and still working hard for them.”

Mayor Anderson told WINK New she will be in the office for two to three hours on Monday and hopes to be up to four to five hours in the building by the end of the week.

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