Flintshire dog owner reveals shock after learning his pet needed both eyes removed

A Flintshire dog lover has praised a dedicated vet after learning his Welsh terrier pedigree would be left blind.

Experts at Eye Vet in Cheshire kept beloved pet Cleo pain-free and extended her eyesight for 18 months, but Karen Williams was initially dismayed when Cleo later had to have both eyes removed in due to intense pressure on his optic nerves caused by glaucoma.

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She chose Glaucoma Awareness Week (March 6-12) to highlight Cleo’s plight and raise awareness of the dangers of the disease.

She said: ‘When Cleo was two we noticed a strange bluish color in her eyes and were horrified when the vets told us she had inherited glaucoma.

“She was given medication and then had surgery which helped her be pain free and saved her sight for another 18 months but in December last year we had to make the very decision hard to get both eyes removed.

Karen and her partner with Cleo

“We didn’t know what to expect, but Cleo is a very patient and loving girl, and she showed us what to do.

“She always likes chasing after balls and stepping on her extended lead. Often people don’t even realize that she is blind.

“She showed that dogs who lose their sight can and do adapt to it. The postman is still getting barked at, as are the local cats, so we still have our wonderful Cleo who is exactly the same as she was!”

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Cleo’s veterinary treatment was led by Iona Mathieson, an advanced ophthalmology practitioner with Eye Vet in Sutton Weaver.

Iona recalls: “We first saw Cleo for her hereditary glaucoma in June 2020. She had already received medication from her vets, but it had minimal effect.

“I explained to Karen that the chances of long-term success were slim, but she was keen to give Cleo every chance to hold on to her vision for as long as possible.

“She has recovered well from the surgery and although she is blind she is now happily sightless and enjoying her life with her owner. She is a remarkable dog.

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