Family relives loss of loved one after drunk driving conviction involved in new accident – WCCO

LINDSTROM, MN (WCCO) — A suspected drink-driving accident over the weekend brings a family back to life after the loss of a loved one.

The woman behind the wheel was on probation for a different crash four years ago that claimed the lives of a father and Rich Lovdal’s brother Kevin.

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“I’ve never had an instant loss like Kevin. It just tore you apart. No time to say goodbye,” Lovdal said.

WCCO has heard from Kevin’s family and recent accident victims have shared their experiences.

The Lakes Region Police Department told WCCO they received numerous 911 calls about the driver of this white car before she hit Abbie Spetzman and Dakota Burgeson.

“Like that, a snap,” Dakota Burgeson said.

“It was ‘Holy shit, we just got hit’,” Abbie Spetzman said.

Lynn Filla (Credit: CBS)

Witnesses say the driver, Lynn Filla, tried to leave the scene in Lindstrom, but was blocked by a driver.

“Someone physically used her vehicle and physically grabbed her, held her until the police arrived,” Spetzman said.

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They are grateful to come away with only soreness and bruising. The criminal complaint accuses Filla of being twice the legal limit, speeding when she blew through a stop sign and into the torque.

Four years ago this month, she punched Kevin Lovdal. She was accused of being under the influence when she drove through oncoming traffic.

“It happened in the blink of an eye, and Kevin had no time to react except to deflect, and he took the hit from the impact,” Lovdal said.

Their family lives with the grief of losing the avid fisherman who was husband and father. And now this.

Kevin Lovdal (credit: CBS)

“I guess a lot of emotions. There’s a part of you that says, ‘Well, maybe now she’ll get a little more severe sentence than ours because of the complications in our trial,’ Lovdal said.

Filla’s lawyer calls the original case atypical, saying the blood test was rejected. And that’s what led to a staggered sentence of probation mostly.

Filla filed a letter with the court about his progress earlier this month, talking about his sobriety, saying, “At the very least, that’s what I owe and can do for Kevin. Sobriety is who I am.

“I hope she gets her help. Just keep track of her and make sure she doesn’t… do it again,” Lovdal said.

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A judge set Filla’s bail in Chisago County for the recent accident. But Anoka County has a warrant for her arrest while the county attorney’s office determines whether she violated probation.

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