Expert talks about battling eye allergies in summer

JACKSON, Tenn. — Itchy and watery eyes are prone to allergic reactions. And with the onset of summer weather, pain and irritation may increase due to pollen and other allergens in the house.

“Eye allergy season isn’t just some kind of springtime as we used to think of it. It seems to start a lot earlier and last a lot longer,” said lead expert Dr Ashley Brissette.

And allergies can be caused inside and outside the home.

“Allergens can exist anywhere. So some common allergens found outdoors are often when things start to bloom. Thus trees and different plants that release pollen into the air can cause irritation. Ragweed and grass can also contribute,” Brissette said. “When you’re indoors, allergens can also hit. So it can be things like dust or even pet dander.

More than 66 million Americans suffer from eye allergies. Finding an effective product could make all the difference for people with common allergies.

“Common symptoms people experience would be things like sneezing or a runny nose. And then specifically regarding the eyes, they often complain of itchy, irritated red eyes,” Brissette said.

Many may first seek relief through over-the-counter medications. However, it’s important to determine if your itchy eyes are related to allergies or other common conditions like dry eyes.

Brissette says that for sudden onsets of eye allergies, eye drops are best.

“Which will target the cells on the surface of the eye that are causing that itchiness. So, for example, one drop that I recommend to my patients is called Pataday Once Daily Relief Extra Strength. It was a prescription, and I “I’ve prescribed a lot. But now, thankfully, it’s over the counter, so it’s really easy for my patients to access. It’s actually the number one brand recommended by doctors,” Brissette said.

Brissette adds that these drops are formulated specifically for allergy-related eye irritation with 24-hour relief.

However, users should be careful not to overuse the product, as heavy use can also cause irritation.

She adds that cleaning and washing your eyes every day can help fight allergies.

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