Doctor suggests 6 Ayurvedic tips for better eye protection

With online classes and working from home, we spend a lot of time digitally. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has moved from in-person classes and offices to online ones. While the comforts of home are warm and pleasant, an increase in screen time has also been noticed. It also leads to eye problems and weakened eyesight.Also read – Should leftover food be kept in the refrigerator? This is what Ayurveda says

On Instagram, Dr Nitika Kohli, an Ayurvedic doctor, shares valuable information on how to take care of our eyes, naturally. Its caption read “Our eyes are being used more than ever, especially with the increased use of laptop and notebook screens over the past few decades. This excessive use creates various signs of eye stress in the form of headaches, burning or dry eyes, dark circles and vision problems. Also Read – 5 Reasons Why Ayurveda Is Important For Pregnancy And Postpartum | Ayurvedic tips inside

Check out the Instagram post:

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Here are the important Ayurvedic eye care tips from Dr Nitika Kohli:

  • Every morning after waking up (before or after going to the bathroom), fill your mouth with water and hold for a few seconds with your eyes closed. Spit it out. Repeat it 2-3 times.
  • Triphala: The use of Triphala water drops or an eye drop cup is also beneficial for eye health.
  • Chatkarma: Ayurveda describes six purification techniques to cleanse the body, eliminate toxins, strengthen it, and make it free from disease. Among them, neti and tratak are the best Ayurvedic remedy for dry eyes and eye health.
  • Spray your eyes and face with cold or normal water 10 to 15 times. Start again in the evening after returning from work.
  • Anjana: Anjana is an Ayurvedic preparation applied to the inner part of the eyelids to promote good eye health.
  • To warn: Never use hot or ice water on the eyes. Also avoid sudden changes in temperature. For example, if you are hot and sweating, wait 10 to 15 minutes until your body gets used to it before spraying your face and eyes with cold water.

“The unnatural light emitted by LEDs and TFT screens which are pure white and very different in composition from the natural sunlight to which our eyes are accustomed, and for which we have evolved,” explains the Dr Nitika Kohli

By incorporating these simple eye care tips, you can protect your eyes from many health issues and improve your eyesight as well.

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