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Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers accidentally mistook a hangover for a “devastating” eye condition.

Dave, who is back on TV with his sidekick Si King for The Hairy Bikers Go North, blamed his blurry vision on too many beers.

Hairy biker Dave Myers (right) dismissed glaucoma as a hangover (Credit: Splashnews.com)

But after handing over his self-diagnosis to an optician, the television chief was fired and referred to his GP and hospital.

He then learned the terrible news that he was suffering from glaucoma.

Dave Myers of Hairy Bikers on “Devastating” Glaucoma Diagnosis

If left untreated, glaucoma can lead to blindness.

In a resurfaced interview with The Mirror, Dave described this worst-case scenario as “catastrophic.”

Dave said he told the optician, “I spent a bit of the night last night. So I probably just have a bad hangover ”.

The television chief called the diagnosis “devastating” (BBC)

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“But she didn’t take note and referred me to my GP who made an appointment at the hospital. And she was right.

Dave added, “I was devastated. If he hadn’t been spotted so early, the result could have been catastrophic.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition in which the optic nerve – which connects the eye to the brain – is damaged.

It is usually caused by too much fluid pressure in the front of the eye.

The disease is more common in adults between the ages of 70 and 80 but, as Dave proved, it can occur in people of all ages.

The NHS warns that glaucoma doesn’t always cause symptoms early on, so it’s often first detected during routine eye tests.

Dave Myers of the Hairy Bikers confusing glaucoma and hangover
Dave and Si are back on TV for The Hairy Bikers Go North (Photo credit: BBC)

“It tends to develop slowly over many years and initially affects the edges of your vision (peripheral vision),” the NHS Glaucoma website states.

If a patient is already showing symptoms, it can include blurry vision or rainbow circles around bright lights.

Increase awareness

Since his own diagnosis of glaucoma, Dave has worked hard to raise awareness about eye disease.

In 2018, he joined forces with Specsavers and RNIB [Royal National Institute of Blind People], for a campaign to coincide with National Eye Health Week.

At the time, Dave spoke about the impact his glaucoma could have had on his career had he not been diagnosed.

Dave Myers of the Hairy Bikers on the confusion between glaucoma and hangovers
Blindness is said to have a ‘huge impact’ on Dave’s work (Photo credit: BBC)

“Fortunately it was spotted during a routine eye test, but if it had gone unnoticed I could have gone blind and it would have had a huge impact on how I do the job I love so much. “, did he declare.

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Dave added: “Like so many people, my career is my passion and it’s so hard to imagine doing all the things I love to do if I couldn’t see, be it riding a bike, reading an autocue or prepare ingredients. .

“The thought that I could have lost my sight is really scary. “

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