Covid-19: Bengaluru patient diagnosed with black and green fungus

It was an unusual find for ENT surgeon Dr Prashanth R Reddy of BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, during the first week of June, when the hospital lab provided microbiology reports on a patient with both a green fungus (aspergillus fumigatus) and a black fungus (mucormycosis).

The patient had persistent headaches and numbness in the cheek. A CT scan revealed a fungal infection in the sinuses and below the surface of the eye.

Dr Prasanth Reddy told DH: “When I operated on, I realized it wasn’t just the Mucor fungus. There were crystals inside his sinus cavity. The worrying thing is that while aspergillosis is common, this species of fungus is not common. is not common, it is usually white in color and is only present in soil. After Covid, the sinus lining is killed. Any dead tissue will lead to the growth of fungi, whether it is food or the human body. “

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The doctor believes that the upsurge in fungal infections is due to variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. But the patient’s Covid sample is not available for genomic sequencing. He also pointed out the high levels of zinc in these patients. “Patients abuse multivitamins like vitamin C tablets and antibiotics. Antibiotics cannot help reduce a viral infection,” he added.

The patient, Karthikeyan R, 45, a self-employed pediatric physiotherapist in Mysuru, tested positive for Covid on April 24 and was in home quarantine with two of his friends who also tested positive for Covid. After his oxygen saturation started to decrease after five days, he was hospitalized. He had become diabetic five years ago. He was transferred to intensive care on May 6.

“My oxygen saturation had gone down to 75,” he said. After eight days of intubation, on a ventilator, on the sixth day, he began to stabilize.

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“I developed sinusitis (the cavities around the nasal passages become inflamed) when I was transferred to the ward. I had severe pain on the right side of my face. I came to Bengaluru to see a surgeon. ENT who operated on me on June 9. Although my corona symptoms have subsided, part of my face is still numb. Due to a general weakness of the body, I will not return to work for two months “, Karthikeyan said.

Have you recovered from the Covid? Beware of these three stages of fungal infection:

Step 1

– Eye pain, headache, cheek pain or tooth pain

2nd step

– Redness / swelling of the eye / cheek / palette

Step 3

– The skin of the face, nose and cheeks darkens and peels. Blurred vision

Patients can quickly go from stage 1 to stage 3 within hours. It is a myth that only patients hospitalized for Covid develop fungal infections after Covid, doctors say. The majority of them were, in fact, isolated at home.

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