Court documents: Father charged with life-threatening abuse of 3-week-old baby

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The bruises on the baby’s private parts were from the father’s fingernails. Likewise, the eye injury reported by doctors.

The bruise on the three-week-old boy’s cheek is from pinching the infant ‘to make him laugh’.

Those injuries did not begin to explain the three fractured ribs, signs of a fractured skull, retinal hemorrhages and bruises found by doctors, according to a probable cause affidavit written by Detective Scott Tegtmeyer.

Isiah T. Preston

Although they pretended not to know how any of the injuries occurred except for the scratched eye, Allen County prosecutors on Friday charged Isiah T. Preson, 26, with the block 3300 of Heritage Drive, household battery with grievous bodily injury to person under 14 years of age and negligence of a dependent resulting in grievous bodily injury.

The baby’s mother took him to a local hospital on August 14, 2021, according to court documents. The baby refused to latch on for breastfeeding and was lethargic. He didn’t open his eyes very much and when he did, he didn’t follow his mother’s movements, according to court documents.

When she told Preston she wanted to take him to the ER, he asked to wait until the next day. That day, Preston watched the baby while his mother did the laundry. At 4 p.m. on August 14, the baby fed well, but at 7 p.m., while she was away, the baby’s reactions and health deteriorated.

The mother took the baby to an emergency clinic where the baby was given IV fluids and the mother continued to try to feed him. Two hours later, the baby was transferred to a main pediatric unit. During transport, the baby stopped breathing and had to be intubated, according to court documents.

On September 9 at around 5:19 a.m., as the child was being airlifted to the ICU from Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Tegtmeyer was called to the local hospital where he was told the baby was in pain. cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral swelling. Medical staff also reported bruises on the infant’s face.

That same day, Tegtmeyer took Preston and the baby’s mother to the Fort Wayne Detective’s Office at the Rousseau Center.

On the day the baby was taken to the emergency room, Preston said he left work early and went to see his son at the mother’s apartment. He claimed to have fed his son, but the baby did not eat his normal amount. Then the baby’s mother went to do the laundry. Meanwhile, Preston gave the baby a bath, according to court documents.

Once he placed the baby on the bed, he said he noticed the baby was not breathing well. He then called his mother, who is a nurse, who told him if things got worse to call 9-1-1. Preston then called the baby’s mother to come home because the baby was not breathing or acting properly. It was then that the mother tried to feed the baby, but he would not eat.

She insisted she wanted to take the baby to the ER, but Preston said he didn’t because he had to work, ‘but in retrospect he was glad they did’, according to documents judicial.

Preston did not recall any recent falls or injuries to the child, but said that when he was burping the baby on his leg with the baby’s head towards his foot, Preston bent down to bring his leg up. pants and accidentally scratched the baby’s eye with her “long fingernails”.

Tegtmeyer interviewed Peyton Manning’s doctor who said the baby had two subcutaneous hematomas (bruises) and one looked older than the other. The baby also had three rib fractures and signs of a fractured skull, but she couldn’t see it during the brain surgery she performed. She also said the baby had a “raccoon eye,” according to court documents.

When Tegtmeyer told him the story of the pinched cheeks, the doctor said it should have been “a hell of a pinch.” The doctor said she believed the injuries were due to abuse, according to court documents.

On September 13, Tegtmeyer called ICU Indianapolis. Speaking with the doctor, he learned that the baby was in critical condition with several broken ribs, but the doctor was “more concerned about the retinal scan and MRI. The MRI showed that there was no part of the baby’s brain that was unaffected by this injury,” the doctor reported. The scan showed “too many retinal hemorrhages to count,” according to court documents.

Tegtmeyer scheduled another interview with the baby’s mother who said that for the first two weeks of her life she was bedridden and on painkillers. During her recovery, she barely got out of bed and could not breastfeed the child, but pumped milk.

Preston did all the nursing for those two weeks and “wouldn’t even let the baby’s mother change a single diaper”. During the third week of the baby’s life, she began caring for him and noticed minor injuries, she said. When she questioned Preston, he had an apology for the injuries she detected, according to court documents.

Preston was being held in the Allen County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bond and a court hearing is scheduled for July 18.

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