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CCC’s favorite young leader dies a painful death

Deputy Chief Mabhikwa was trapped in the wreckage of his vehicle for more than three hours after an accident that claimed his life, a close family member says TO QUOTE.

The traditional leader, who was just 28, died after his Isuzu double-cab vehicle collided head-on with a 195km peg transport truck along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls road on Sunday evening.

The province of CCC Bulawayo has since offered its condolences to the family of the late chief saying that the traditional chief is an exceptional figure.

A parent who spoke to TO QUOTE revealed that some of the motorists who arrived at the scene of the accident were unable to extricate him from the mangled vehicle as he was trapped inside. says the parent:

He was involved in an accident around 9pm to reach St Luke’s Hospital after midnight. We are talking about a provincial hospital that did not have an emergency ambulance.

They (other motorists) didn’t help him because his lower body was stuck and they had no expertise on how to help him so by the time he got to the hospital he had already lost a lot of blood, with a dislocated/fractured hip bone.

Born Nichodemus Vusumuzi Khumalo, Chief Mabhikwa of Lupane District in Matabeleland North Province became the youngest chief when he replaced his father Edwin Khumalo in 2012 at the age of 18.

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