Cataract surgery begins at MMCH Daltonganj

Cataract surgery has started at MMCH Daltonganj, head of ophthalmology department Dr. Dharmender Kumar said.

He said on average there are now 3-4 cataract surgeries per week. Four had surgery fairly recently and are doing well, Dharmender said.

The eye department of MMCH has altogether 5 doctors including two eye surgeons namely Dharmender Kumar and Rakesh Kumar. The remaining 3 are a medical officer and two junior residents.

Additional Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anil Kumar said he instructed the eye department officials to maintain the flow of cataract surgery based on the assessment of the case’s suitability for surgery. the cataract.

The ACMO further stated that there was a medication problem in this department which has been resolved.

However, the head of the eye department said that our department needs to be updated in terms of instruments.

He said that we have a very old operating microscope whose illumination is not so clear. It is hoped that he will be replaced.

Again our department needs a keratometer, an A-scan, a slit lamp and an automatic refractometer added the head of the department.

When asked if there is a popular belief that cataract surgery is best only in winter, the department head said no surgery depends on the season.

Cataract surgery can be performed in any season when the patient and the doctor find that it is done as if the patient is feeling a vision problem or vision impacting his daily routine while the doctor on his side must ensure that the cataract is mature enough for surgery.

Interesting queries are being made now in this age of app and social media like can a cataract surgery person see videos, read texts or use the app, instagram, tweeter handle etc.

Dharmender Kumar has some very valuable advice. Give your cataract operated eye(s) rest and then they will take care of you. Again, keep your eyes safe and protect them from dust, smoke, etc.

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