Bruce Prichard shares wild story of Brock Lesnar punching a wall in his face and breaking his nose

During a recent Q&A session with AdFreeShows, the legendary Bruce Prichard shared a crazy story from a time when Brock Lesnar accidentally broke his nose after hitting a wall in the face, an incident that completely shattered Prichard’s orbital bone. Check out the full savage story in the highlights below.

He says Lesnar broke his nose in three places after hitting a wall in it:

“Brock Lesnar threw a wall in my face. We were in Nova Scotia. We finished a shoot and the people who had built the wall, hadn’t built it very well and were trying to make get Brock out of that room that had started falling apart and Brock didn’t want to wait. He started moving walls on his own. When he did, that said wall crashed down on my face. I broke my nose in three places, broke my eye socket.

On the aftermath of the incident and how he traveled with a bloody face:

“I flew from Nova Scotia to New York so I could get out of Canada and home faster, but I went to a Canadian emergency room. They don’t give me anything for the pain and don’t give me much advice on what to do or what not to do. They sewed me up, because we didn’t know when I left the building if my eye was there. They sent me on my way, I’m getting on a plane, I’m flying to New York, I had no problems. Go to the hotel, take a shower, I might have tried to blow my nose. Everything then flew away, my eye socket completely exploded and my nose pretty much collapsed. I had to go to the airport, I walk in the airport, I don’t realize it because I can’t feel my face, it’s pretty very numb, I don’t realize I’m bleeding from l eye and it runs down the side of my face. I took a bag, filled it with ice and walked through the airport with the cleaning bag over my head with ice. I feel the ice flowing, I think it’s water without knowing that it mixes with blood. I get on the plane and they panicked. I called a friend, ‘I need you to get me a neurosurgeon and I need to see a doctor as soon as I land because I’m pretty screwed up.’ The neurosurgeon calls me back while I’m in the air and says, “Whatever you do, stay where you are, don’t get on the plane under any circumstances.” I didn’t get this message until I got in the car, got off the plane, and went to the doctor.

He says Lesnar more than apologized and even sent him a ton of crab and lobster:

“Brock, being the classy guy that he is, sent me a nice note and I don’t know how much king crab and lobster. So much great food from Pike Place Fish and a very good rating and called to check on me. He didn’t want to do it. It was an accident. He called me anyway to check if I was okay and sent me some nice things.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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