Better vision results obtained with the iDesign platform


05 November 2021

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Williams L, et al. Comparison of visual results after refractive surgery using WaveScan or iDesign. Presented at: American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting; July 23-27, 2021; Las Vegas.

Disclosures: Williams reports speaking for Johnson & Johnson Vision.

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Patients who underwent refractive surgery with the iDesign platform had better uncorrected distance vision and a better chance of achieving 20/20 vision compared to those who underwent treatment with the WaveScan system.

“IDesign has given me a higher percentage of patients who have 20/20 or better in each eye than the WaveScan out of several thousand patients with each technology” Lloyd Williams, MD, PhD, Healio / OSN said, discussing a presentation he gave at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting. “Not only did we find better results with iDesign, but we found it easier to use because the way the data capture takes place was easier for our technicians to use, and we also found that recording of the iris and some of the technical things that take place during surgery have made it more reliable and easier to use.

Williams and colleagues performed a retrospective chart review of a single center and a single surgeon. Patients who underwent LASIK or PRK between September 2013 and July 2019 were included. Postoperative outcome measurements were obtained at 3 months and 12 months; 2,044 eyes received WaveScan treatment and 1,320 eyes received iDesign treatment (both Johnson & Johnson Vision).

At 3 months, 87.7% of WaveScan patients had 20/20 or better vision, while 94.1% of iDesign patients had 20/20 or better vision (P <.001 at months of wavescan patients and idesign had or better vision>P <.001>

“You should feel comfortable swapping out your WaveScan for an iDesign, if you’re still using WaveScan,” Williams said. “In fact, not only should you feel comfortable, but I would feel uncomfortable not swapping them because I think iDesign is clearly the superior technology, and I want to give my patients the best possible technology. “


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