Anthony Ogogo AEW’s career is interrupted and undergoes TENTH eye surgery



Former middleweight star and Olympic bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo underwent the tenth surgery on his damaged eye, putting his young AEW career on hold.

Ogogo fulfilled a long-held dream earlier this year when excruciating training paid off when the retired fighter signed with the main wrestling company.

The 32-year-old, an avid fan of everything quadratic as a child, entered the professional wrestling arena under the nickname “The Guv’nor”.

Using his new character, Ogogo was recently replaced by none other than Cody Rhodes, the man who co-founded AEW on leaving WWE.

Despite sharing the ring with a legend, Ogogo lost his opening feud. On the positive side, he was accepted by fans as a true heel wrestler.

After breaking through, Ogogo has since teamed up with former WWE star Billy Gunn of “New Age Outlaw” and “D-Generation X” fame.

This unfortunately had to be stopped, as Ogogo went under the knife in the UK.

Before going down to the surgeon’s table and after the procedure, Ogogo – who is taped blind to his eyes – never once broke his temper.

Reciting the pre-op “The Man in the Glass”, Ogogo then sent a direct message to Gunn.

Antoine Ogogo


“Billy Gunn, you’re so lucky I’m not in America right now.” Because I would tear you apart limb by limb, ”he warned. “I would break every bone in your face and make your life not worth living.”

This is the 10th eye operation because I have so much scar tissue around my socket. They had to go through my nasal cavity, correct my septum, which was deflected when you smashed my face against the steel barricade.

“They had to repair the orbit and the medial section, as well as the orbital fault, through the nose.

“You have no idea how much pain I am in right now, but you will. I promise, Billy Gunn, you will. I will make your life a living misery.

“I’m going to hurt you, Billy. There is no pain like seeing your kids being punished and sprayed in front of your face. There is nothing you can do about it.

“So, Billy Gunn, be lucky I’m not here right now.” Take advantage of the time you have left with your boys because when I come back soon, that time is running out.

“I’m Anthony Ogogo, AEW’s Guv’nor, and I’m the toughest jerk you’ve ever seen.” I’m gonna hurt you, Billy!

Ogogo hopes to return to TV before the end of the summer.

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