An ophthalmologist in Delhi performs as many LASIK surgeries as possible and makes it into the record books!

Dr Rahil Chaudhary, Consultant and Director, Eye7 Group of Eye Hospitals, was honored for performing the highest number of laser eyeglass removal procedures in India.

When we spoke to Dr Rahil about the Indian Book of Records listing he said, “I don’t work for records; I work for clinical results. I lead a brilliant team, working tirelessly to improve the patient experience and outcomes. That’s why patients from all over the country, and even around the world, come to Eye 7 Hospitals for laser vision correction. “

Dr Rahil Chaudhary also has a series of firsts under his belt: he was the first to introduce Contoura Vision in India, a new laser specification removal technology that offers far superior results compared to older procedures like LASIK and the SMILE. He is also the pioneer in the introduction of AI-LenSx bladeless femto laser surgery.

“Technology helps us in our everyday life. Its use to increase our surgical skills results in crystal clear vision. Today we can deliver extraordinary visual results to our patients, ”said Dr Rahil Chaudhary.

Is he aiming for another record now, we asked him. The brilliant young ophthalmologist laughed at the question. “Records, awards and honors are incidental to what I do. And at the end of the day, all of these machines are just tools to deliver better visual results to our patients. The biggest reward is knowing that someone will see a better world tomorrow morning. As a physician, I feel a responsibility to offer each of my patients the best in the world, to ensure better and safer surgeries. For me, patient satisfaction is the key.

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