Ambulance called college students struggling to breathe after ‘One Chip Challenge’

EDINA, Minn. (Gray News) — A viral challenge apparently sickened several Minnesota middle schoolers on Thursday.

Several students at South View Middle School in Edina have reported eye pain and difficulty breathing after attempting the “One Chip Challenge”.

An ambulance was called, but luckily no one had a serious allergic reaction or was seriously injured.

The “One Chip Challenge” involves eating a single Paqui brand tortilla chip, made with the hottest pepper on the planet – the Carolina Reaper. Then the key is to see how long you can go without drinking milk or water.

The chip is sold in individual one-chip packages for $8.99.

Videos of people attempting the challenge over the past few years have been shared on TikTok and YouTube. Paqui first made the chips six years ago.

A warning on Paqui’s website reads, in part, “Seek medical assistance if you experience difficulty breathing, fainting, or prolonged nausea.”

Several school districts across the country have banned fleas on school premises due to the risk of adverse effects.

Poison Control has a dedicated “One Chip Challenge” webpage with more information.

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