74-year-old woman warns of ‘horrific’ symptoms of chronic shingles – post-herpetic neuralgia

She added, “It really is mind over matter. I’m so used to the times when it gets so bad and the rash comes back on my head. It’s like a kind of tingling sensation all the time but more intense.

“Once in a while you sit there and it’s like an electric shock goes through your head and you jump, then it subsides into a dull ache. It’s like someone running a serrated pizza wheel over your head every two minutes.

Jan went on to say that due to the rash in her hair, it makes everyday activities such as washing her hair or putting anything on it “extremely painful”.

Remarkably, Jan was able to manage the chronic pain, but she finds some times easier than others: “I love my clothes, I love my hair so much. I have to suffer in silence to comb my hair. Sometimes it gets so bad that I feel sorry for myself. It’s important to get into a routine of mind over matter, but sometimes I give in to it and feel sorry for myself.

“I’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work. But I am an exception, unfortunately. What keeps me going is I’m like, “Well, if that’s the worst thing I’m going to be afflicted with in my life, then I’m going to take it.” I have friends who have heart problems or cancer, etc., so you just do what you can to smile and bear it.

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